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Do you need help with an essay? What topic is it on? Is it an argumentative, descriptive, reflective, comparison, and contrast or some other kind of essay? Answering these questions and a couple of other such easy questions and getting a guru from our team started with it. We are an online company that writes essays for clients for cheap.


Set in 2009, our company has so far written cheap essays for millions of students. We achieve this with our writers’ help, who we hired from the world’s best colleges and universities. They are multiskilled so that we can write essays related to all sorts of fields. All we need from you is clear instructions so that the writer can submit the paper on time. We guarantee that you will get a professional essay writing service here. We hope to get positive feedback from you like we regularly get from our other customers.

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Before discussing anything else, it is important to tell you about our writers. They are our most important resource. Every month, we receive applications from hundreds of interested writers. Some of them are skilled – others aren’t. We separate the best from the rest by testing them on a range of levels. We check their comprehension, grammar, writing ability, vocabulary, and speed of writing. Only the toughest can make it to our team, given the difficulty of our selection criteria.

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Since we have tested them and proven their speed and ability on hundreds of projects, you can safely depend upon our cheap essay writers even if you want our urgent services. Even if you want the order to be completed in three hours only, we guarantee that you’ll get it within that time if our team has accepted it.

Our writers read their papers several times before submission. They want to eliminate all grammar and punctuation mistakes so that a customer doesn’t have to worry about proofreading. Furthermore, you get a paper that has been written without plagiarism and is unique in content. We check our papers for plagiarism before delivering them to the clients.

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Let us tell you about the different kinds of services we offer. Once you use our site, you will find it a one-stop to get all types’ help. First, you can tell us a topic and get a cheap essay online that has been written from scratch. If you’ve got an essay with comments, you can have it edited. We also proofread, paraphrase, and rewrite essays for our clients. If you want one of these services or a combination of two or three – let us know, and we’ll do it accordingly.

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Our clients include students. Some of them are in middle school – others are in high schools, colleges, or universities. Hence, we address the requirements of students from all academic levels. They can get assistance with a project of their choice. We can write everything from essays, theses, dissertations, reports, research papers, journals, blogs, and other articles.

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These days, many companies are doing this work over the Internet, but not many do cheap essay writing. They charge customers a lot, even for elementary essays. In fact, the writing services can be divided into two types – cheap and bad ones, good but pricy ones. You want neither – you’re looking for a website that combines the nice features and deters the bad ones. That makes us – a website that is not only cheap but also produces good work.

At our service, customers get papers that have passed all quality checks. One of our members from the quality assurance department checks the papers after they have been written. The content is compared to the instructions, and we find out if it is correct and genuine. Only after the checker is satisfied does a customer get a paper. Other advantages of using our cheap service include:

  • Constant and free communication with the writer over the message board.
  • Uninterrupted access of the clients to the administrators over the live chat feature.
  • Plenty of bonuses and discounts.

Most importantly, when you get our cheap essay help, you’ll learn how to write an essay yourself. That’s the most critical benefit of taking assistance from a professional. The paper you get is like a model assignment. Please have a good look at it and try to learn the expert’s strategy and structure. Try to write essays in such a manner so that you can learn this skill.

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You don’t have to do a lot to have your essay written for cheap here. It hardly takes a customer three to four minutes to complete the entire process. You might have seen the ‘order’ link at the top of our page. When you press it, you’re taken to the order form. You have to:

  • Please fill out all its fields.
  • Process the fee of your order.
  • Answer your author’s questions if he/she leaves any message for you on the message board.

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Since we are sure that our essay writer will produce work with outstanding quality, we can give you excellent guarantees. When you get an essay written for cheap here, you get a professional service. That means:

  • Timely completion of the essay.
  • Plagiarism-free work.
  • Free revision service for 14 days.
  • 24/7 availability of our support.

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