Antigone Essay Topics and Questions

Valery Hall, 5 January, 2019
Updated 14 October, 2020

For the students studying Antigone, you are likely to find it interesting or boring, depending on the plays that intrigue you. The book addresses important issues on human nature and how people relate to society. To test critical thinking skills, instructors expect students to handle different essay topics in the text. It is important to have a deep comprehension of the book’s various issues to answer the questions effectively. Being a literary piece, it is important to interpret the themes in Antigone while drawing relevant illustrations from the book.

Wondering How to Select the Best Antigone Essay Topic? Here Is How

The main task when writing an essay is determining the topic that you are supposed to write on. When your instructor issues the essay topic that you should handle on Antigone, it is important to understand the instructions and the question to provide a precise response. If you are confused, or the question does not seem clear, it is advisable to seek clarification from the instructor. You can also consult the classmates who understood the question better to give insight into what they’ve comprehended. Consequently, you will have a better perspective on what is expected of you. You can tackle the questions from different angles; it is important to give relevant answers that fully address the questions.

When tasked with choosing a topic, you should always consider the guidelines issued by your instructor. For instance, you can be instructed to take a topic related to the themes or literary styles. Always adhere to those requirements. Failing to do that may lead to delivering a wrong essay hence losing marks and affecting your overall grade.

At the same time, you should choose a topic that you can tackle comfortably. For instance, if you feel that you can comfortably tackle the theme of femininity instead of that of mortality, go for that. It will be less stressful when handling that assignment; you will write competently and improve your chance of getting high marks.

Some of the Best Antigone Essay Topics

The list of topics below can help you come up with excellent Antigone topics. You can:

  • Describe how the interaction between different characters influences the plot in Antigone.
  • Describe Creon’s belief on the need to submit to authority and if it is prudent to follow Creon’s assertions.
  • Explain the theme of family responsibility, as depicted in the play.
  • Evaluate how the various gender roles are illustrated in the play.
  • Explain the important roles of the female characters in the play and how they are important in the plot development.

Important Antigone Essay Questions to Help You Out

Many questions can be generated from this play. Some of them are given below. The list may not be exhaustive:

  • Is Creon punished? If so, how?
  • Are there any differences between Creon and Ismene? Explicitly explain them.
  • Are there instances of symbolism in the play? Do such instances make the message clearer?
  • What are some of the internal conflicts that the characters in Antigone go through?

Applicable Antigone Essay Ideas

Antigone essays may not be easy. However, you can make your life easier by ensuring that you follow due processes. First, ensure that you understand the question that has been asked. For instance, it is improper to write about character traits when asked about the themes.

Even if you have read the play before, you must study it again to get the finer details of the happenings. Besides, you tend to forget important aspects that may be essential to your essay. Record all the details that you need.

As you write the essay, ensure that you follow the required outline. For example, have a powerful introduction to have the motivation to go through the content. Do not be repetitive in the body. Give the details in an organized manner. Lastly, ensure the conclusion is related to the rest of the content.


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