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If you are here, you probably have that essay that is proving to be troublesome. Being assigned essays to write in college is very common. A custom essay can be challenging since it requires skill, composing time, and much concentration to write. This will, therefore, require a struggling student to seek help from a professional.


Who Needs Help in Custom Essay Writing?

Many situations drive students to seek professional assistance with their assignments. Here are some that we have gathered.

For one, a student who has a heavy workload in college is a very worthy candidate here. In college, there is usually much work to cover in academics. This is because they have different subjects in the field they are pursuing. Receiving assignments from their different professors will create a situation whereby they have a lot to do little time. To ensure that they meet the laid out deadlines, they will have to seek professional assistance.

Another scenario involves a student with poor writing skills. When dealing with essays and papers, a student’s writing skills are greatly put to the test.  This is because some specific styles and formats need to be adhered to. Also, poor writing skills will make a student’s work lack the qualities it needs to engage the reader. Such a student has to find help or risk a poor grade.

Poor language capability is also a widespread problem for students. A student might be struggling with below-average language capabilities, which can be reflected in papers. This might be due to English being a second language to them or just trouble with written language. This student will not express their ideas and points clear in their custom essay, which will result in low scores.

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Close deadlines also greatly influence this decision. Sometimes a student might procrastinate or even forget about an assignment. When the submission deadline gets too close, this student will have to seek fast assistance to meet it.

In another case, a student lacks time to complete their academic tasks. This is because of other major responsibilities. For example, some students have to work and still be in school. Having to balance academics and a part-time job is daunting. Due to the tight schedule that this student might have, finding time to complete that essay will be very difficult. This student’s little time will have to be spent studying for examinations and other tests from their professors. Their best option would be to seek high-quality essay writing services to preserve their grades and find time for other important activities.

Laziness is also an excellent reason for students having to find aid in writing their papers. Sometimes, students feel that they do not have the mental strength and concentration for this kind of task. Writer’s block is also very discouraging when it hits. To meet the deadlines, a student here will have to delegate the work to a custom essay writing service that can produce good work.

Cheap Custom Essay Service

Cheap is a lovely term when it comes to acquiring services. There are many essay services out there, some of which claim to offer cheap services to clients. Selecting an affordable essay writing service can, therefore, become difficult. Some of these services will provide cheap papers but will not produce high quality a student requires for their academics.

That is why a student needs to be careful in the selection process. With our service, students can be assured of great custom papers at an affordable price.

Affordable Custom Essay Writing Service

For a student in need of a dependable college essay writing service, our company is the way to go. We are a professional paper service that seeks to help scholars deal with their academic assignments. Our services are very affordable, and we do not compromise when it comes to quality. Here are some of the attributes that make us the perfect choice for your paper needs.

5 Years of Experience

Our company has been in this for five years now. During this period, we have managed to gather an amazing team of writers to handle academic tasks. We are now capable of handling 150 orders daily for customers from all over the world. Our professional academic essay writers have also learned what is expected by the professors and, therefore, completely satisfy requirements.

Papers of High Quality

Our service aims to ensure that customers get the best for their college needs. First, we have in-house editors who go through every paper before it is delivered to clients. This is to ensure they satisfy the customer requirements and meet the academic standards. The papers are also subjected to grammar and spell checking to ensure good language has been used in writing.

100% Unique Plagiarism-free Papers

Our experts compose every paper from scratch to ensure that it is unique. They strictly adhere to the custom specifications that clients provide. Furthermore, all papers are tested for plagiarism using Copyscape to ensure that they are completely original.

Fast Work Execution

We handle urgent and very pressing orders with close deadlines. Our custom writers complete essays in 3-6 hours. They take 24-48 hours to complete research papers and will take 5-7 days when writing dissertations are done depending on the complexity.

Guaranteed Full Confidentiality

Our clients receive complete confidentiality with our custom paper writing service. We ensure that their personal information is not accessible to any parties, including the writer handling their order. These are the names, phone numbers, emails, and even transaction information.

Native Writers

Our writing professionals are natives of the US and UK who went to their colleges or individuals with an advanced level of spoken or written English. They, therefore, have a good command of the language.

Free Revisions for Clients

Our clients are granted the opportunity to have their work revised for free. If work does not meet the college requirements or the customer’s instructions, it will be revised. This revision is valid for 14 days after the delivery date, and it can be done an unlimited number of times.

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Refunds and Money Back Policy

We grant our clients refunds on work that fails to satisfy their requirements. If a writer does not follow the customer’s instructions, the customer is entitled to receive a refund. Failure to download the work after it has been made available for reasons such as a cancellation will also result in customers getting their funds back.

Our amazing Discounts and Bonuses

Our custom essay services provide good deals for customers. For example, there is a first-order discount that customers get on their papers. After that, we have a loyalty program that allows customers a 5% bonus for every successive order they make from our service. Even more impressive, we have a referral program that grants clients discounts on their papers and their friend’s papers when they recommend our writing services to others.

Some Free Goodies

We offer our clients free samples on our website to guide them and show what they can expect from our services. We also offer free titles and reference pages for papers that require them.

Our customers are also given the freedom to select their preferred writers to handle their orders.

We also provide free notifications to customers via messages or email to inform them of their orders’ progress and completion.

24 Hour Customer Support

Clients can obtain our services any time they need to thanks to our professional customer support team. Customers also get their concerns related to the service addressed very quickly and properly.

High Ranking Writers

The individuals selected to fulfill orders for customers are very qualified for the tasks. First, they are required to produce their diplomas to show their academic progress. Most of the people who write for our companies have advanced degrees. To be precise, 961 of them have Masters Degrees, 184 are fulfilling their Doctoral Degrees, and 58 have their PhDs. They are also heavily tested in grammar and writing to ensure that they will produce good papers.

How to Order from Our Custom Essay Service

A customer in need of an essay has to follow a straightforward order process with our service.

  • First, Fill out the order form provided.
  • Then give us the specifications for your essay.
  • Pay for the essay.
  • Please wait for us to select an appropriate writer for the task.
  • Download the paper when it has been completed.

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