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A definition essay aims to explain what the specific word, term, or phrase means. To do so, the author has to provide an in-depth description of the chosen topic. It is also critical to support it with vivid examples, facts, or statistics. A writer should also explain the selected word’s personal vision and interpret it creatively, sharing examples from personal experience.


If the selected word or group of words is specific, disputed, or abstract, a student may gain extra points, but a more detailed description is needed. People all have different visions to explain such phenomena as “beauty” and “death” in different ways. Thus, one should offer both official definitions from the dictionary and various interpretations of the word, including personal thoughts.

The variety of topics for such type of an essay is limitless. A student can talk about almost everything globally (if the tutor does not assign a specific topic or prompt). It is better to choose abstract, scientific, or professional terms instead of a single, clear meaning. Remember that your work should be at least one page if it is not a discussion. It is hard to define such things as “table” or “pen” with many words. Those are objects with just one meaning, and your teacher will most probably put a low grade, thinking that you were too lazy to choose an interesting topic.

Unless you buy a custom essay from our writing team, you have to pick the topic on your own and take care of the rest. Anyway, by choosing things that are complicated to grasp, you increase your chances to catch a reader’s eye and obtain a higher grade. If you have no ideas about what to write about, remember that you can purchase a definition essay or any other academic paper type from a team of qualified English-speaking writers.

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  • Solid transition words and phrases to show the relationship between different parts of the essay.
  • A sober portion of creativity provides non-standard interpretations of various words and phrases (the encouraged approach).
  • Carefully proofread and edited text without any grammar mistakes or issues with formatting.

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