35 Great Gatsby Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 4 February, 2020
Updated 20 November, 2020

If you are pursuing a literature course, there are many pieces you will read from reputable authors. You should read the content properly and apply it when required to. Quality is an element you can never ignore when preparing these pieces. The professors demand a lot from you.

From Great Gatsby, there are many topics you can be expected to write. They range from an overview of the plot to the description of the various themes. Whatever content you are expected to deal with, the essay topic you choose matters. Taking the wrong one may compromise the general quality of your essay.

Struggling with How to Select the Best Great Gatsby Essay Topic?

This is a task that most students strain to accomplish. However, there are ways to make the task easier. The first thing is to be well-versed with the essay instructions from the professors. Some specify the areas to get your topics. Ensure you stick to that.

Start by taking a broad area. For instance, you can pick on the themes. After that, go to the themes that are interesting to you. Select the various perspectives to handle the theme of choice. In the end, take what suits you.

Topics should meet particular characteristics. These include being captivating, unique, memorable to the professor, and relevant. These factors should guide your choice.

A Detailed List of Great Gatsby Essay Topics

Some compelling essay topics that you can write on this story include:

  • The way in which money influences plot twist in The Great Gatsby
  • The differences between the male and female characters in the book
  • The role played by Nick within the context of the narration
  • Depiction of the social classes in The Great Gatsby
  • Representation of the American Dream the Great Gatsby
  • The way satire is used to communicate the messages in the story
  • The relationship between education and wealth creation as represented in the book
  • The best characters in the book and their contribution to the storyline
  • The various transformations the characters go through in the narration
  • The characters who are morally ambiguous in The Great Gatsby
  • How the ending of The Great Gatsby suits the story context
  • The presentation of social injustice in the book
  • Reasons why some characters are considered lonely in the narration
  • Reasons why Fitzgerald is perceived to be in criticism of the aspect of the American Dream
  • The true feelings of Gatsby towards Daisy
  • The role Jordan plays in the representation of the upper-class Americans
  • Use of imagery in relaying the messages in the book
  • The manner in which different geographical locations are used to bring out the differences between those who are poor and the rich
  • Modernism as represented by Fitzgerald
  • The way colors are used to send the messages in the story
  • The role played by alcohol in the development of the plot in the book by Fitzgerald
  • The real meaning of the title of the book
  • Depiction of New York in The Great Gatsby
  • The representation of the real society in the story
  • Gender relations as represented in The Great Gatsby
  • Reasons why Nick is trustworthy as the narrator in the story
  • The Great Gatsby and why it is considered as a believable story
  • The uniqueness of the writing style applied by the author
  • Contribution of all the characters in the narration
  • Symbolism as used in the novel
  • Daisy’s attitude and how it changes throughout the book
  • The illustration of death in the Great Gatsby
  • The admirable characters in the book with the reasons
  • Ways in which the theme of corruption is depicted in the novel
  • Representation of urbanization in the novel

Great Gatsby Essay Ideas to Help Compose Astounding Essay

Everything begins with the idea. That is what grows into the final essay you prepare. Here are the best ideas for you:

  • American dream as represented in The Great Gatsby
  • The major players in The Great Gatsby and their contributions
  • The theme of love in the narration
  • Outstanding characters in the story
  • How language is used to send the message in The Great Gatsby
  • Relationship between characters in the story
  • Gatsby’s death and the people to blame
  • Significance of the female characters
  • The main themes in the story
  • Forgiveness and its place in The Great Gatsby

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