75 Religion Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 17 January, 2020
Updated 20 November, 2020

Teachers typically ask the students to write religion essays at all academic levels. Whether it’s a high school, college, or university, students get the task of writing papers on faiths. Religion is one of those topics that are not discussed in public because of their tendency to spur debates and controversies. Since it’s a sensitive topic that can lead to a heated argument, writing an essay on it can be difficult. Students have to ensure that they research the topics well and only write 100% correct information.

Challenge begins with the finalization of topics for these essays. Students know what they have to write when teachers assign them the topics. But when students are told to choose a topic of their liking, writing the essay can get even more challenging. We will give you all sorts of topics on religion. If you are struggling to finalize the topic, you’ll certainly get help from this guide.

How to Select the Best Religion Essay Topic? Things to Consider

When you are asked to choose a topic of your choice, the best strategy is to write informative essays. You will find it convenient to find information about all faiths online. Just make sure you include the information from credible and reliable sources in the essay like journal papers and books. Informative topics are least likely to spur disagreements or debates over the essay’s content because the writer does not take any side. You just have to remain unbiased while writing the essays.

List of Religion Essay Topics

Short topics having five to six words are ideal for religion essays. In this section, we give you 25 examples of informative essay topics. Feel free to choose any of the suggested essay topics. You can also customize the topics to your liking. Take a look:

  • Religious duties of a Muslim.
  • History of Hinduism.
  • A comparison between Hinduism and Buddhism.
  • Religions define standards of morality.
  • How Islam spread in the Indian subcontinent.
  • Classification of Americans based on religions.
  • Causes of separation of church and state.
  • Differences between catholic and protestant Christian beliefs.
  • Similarities between Abrahamic faiths.
  • Importance of faiths in the 21st
  • Problems of interfaith marriages.
  • How to study religions?
  • My relationship with my religion.
  • The impact of faiths on personality.
  • Misconceptions about Islam.
  • Stereotypes about faiths.
  • Faiths and spirituality – are they the same?
  • Why are so many people leaving religions?
  • Superstitions about Judaism.
  • Rights of religious minorities in America.
  • The transition of Christianity.
  • Impact of faiths on the mind.
  • A comprehensive definition of faiths.
  • Faiths and technological advancement.
  • Gender roles and faiths.

10 Best World Religion Essay Topics

One of the most common types of essays on religion discusses people’s faiths in different parts of the world. You might be looking for excellent essay topics for world religion essays. 10 of the best topics are as follows:

  • Living in a multi-religious society.
  • Should religious holidays of minorities be granted?
  • Differences between world religions.
  • Faiths that are followed the most.
  • Having a religion doesn’t mean being religious.
  • Ancient faiths in the world.
  • Impact of faiths on geography.
  • How do religions shape culture?
  • Faiths and faith – are they the same?
  • Religion-based wars in history.

All-Time Popular Roman Religion Essay Topics – 10 Examples

Essays can commonly be about Roman religions. We know this because countless students have taken our help with this essay topic ever since our company’s establishment. We want to give you 10 excellent topics of Roman religion essays. Find them as follows:

  • History of Roman religions.
  • Basic teachings of Roman religions.
  • Roman religion vs. Christianity.
  • Roman religions in the 21st
  • Importance of Roman religion.
  • Roman religion shaped the Roman culture.
  • Rituals in Roman religion.
  • Geographic distribution of Roman religion followers.
  • The spread of Roman religion.
  • A comparison between Buddhism and Roman culture.

10 Superb Chinese Religion Essay Topics

Chinese faith is an important topic for essay writing. China is a heavily populated country and millions of people follow different faiths. Here are 10 good essay topics on it:

  • What is the religion of the Chinese people?
  • How Chinese religions came into being?
  • How Chinese religions spread?
  • The role of Chinese faiths in the progress of China.
  • Chinese faiths and values.
  • Chinese religions and modernity.
  • Religious minorities in China.
  • China’s religious ideology.
  • How religious are Chinese people?
  • Religious rituals of the Chinese people.

10 Awesome Catholic Religion Essay Topics

Millions of people in the world are Catholic Christians. Understanding their religious teachings, views, traditions, and values is important. Writing essays on Catholic Christianity is a good way of gaining this knowledge. Here are the 10 best essay topics:

  1. How Catholic religion came into being?
  2. What are the fundamentals of Catholic Christianity?
  3. Catholic religion vs technological advancement.
  4. Basic teachings of the Catholic religion.
  5. Comparison between Catholic and Orthodox Christianity.
  6. Catholic Christianity in 2050.
  7. Geography of Catholic Christianity.
  8. Impact of Catholic Christianity on culture.
  9. Conflicts between Catholic and Protestant Christians.
  10. Social influences of Catholic Christians in the US.

Ancient Greek Religion Essay Topics – 10 Excellent Examples

Another important topic for essay writing is the ancient Greek religion. Greece has a rich history and culture. Understanding the faiths of its people is fundamental to know their ideology. We have compiled 10 excellent essay topics for you as follows:

  • Origins of the ancient Greek faiths.
  • Factors that helped the Greek faiths spread.
  • Effect of ancient Greek religions on lifestyle.
  • How ancient Greek faiths boosted development.
  • Ancient Greek rituals.
  • Influence of ancient Greek religions on society.
  • Ancient Greek religions and business practices.
  • The popularity of ancient Greek religions.
  • Philosophy of ancient Greek faiths.
  • Ancient vs. modern Greek faiths.

Do You Want 10 Best Religion Essay Ideas?

We understand that some students may want great ideas for religion essays. You can develop all sorts of essay topics if you get the right ideas. Here are 10 good ideas for you:

  • Religions and modern society.
  • Origins of religions.
  • Philosophy of religion.
  • How religion psychology works.
  • Religions and politics.
  • The message of religions – peace or violence?
  • Life without religions.
  • Why do religions make for a sensitive topic?
  • Effect of changing religions on life.
  • Weird religious rituals.

How to Write Essays on Religions?

Once you have finalized your essay topic, that will dictate what content you need in the essay. Before you start writing, we advise you to research your essay topic. This will help you learn information that is relevant and that you might not have as yet. Take notes as you read the articles and start building your outline. A good outline has a defined introduction, thesis statement, topic sentences, supporting points, and conclusion statement. Develop the outline into an essay. Proofread well to eliminate grammar and sentence structure mistakes.

Have You Found the Essay Topic You Need?

We have given you tens of best examples of essay topics about religion. We hope you might have found the topic you were looking for, did you? In case you didn’t, we are here to assist. Let us know what religions you want the essays on or what kind of topic you are looking for. We have experts with more than 10 years of experience in devising the best essay writing service for students. You can share the essay details with us by:

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