35 Romeo and Juliet Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 16 January, 2020
Updated 20 November, 2020

Essays are essential writing piece that constitutes the educational lives of students. There’s no doubt that as a student, you’ll come across an article requiring your attention to write. Some of the most common of them that you may encounter as a student pursuing a literature course or any other subject are the Romeo and Juliet papers. Do you know how to select appropriate topics for this writing task? We have prepared an excellent guide to assist you in choosing immaculate topics.

How to Select the Best Romeo and Juliet Essay Topic?

Selecting a topic is the preliminary process in the composition of an essay. However, do you know how to choose the most suitable topic manageable for you to write? Begin by formulating a research question regarding the theme of the article you are about to write. Identify whether the topic you are about to write has sufficient information to aid you in the required standard length composition.

What’s more, figure out whether the topic interests you. If the answer is yes, go ahead and make the topic selection and begin writing the essay.

List of Romeo and Juliet Essay Topics

Essays require selecting appropriate topics that will do your reading and writing easy, and in the end, you will present a top-class essay. Thus, students have urged to counter-check the essay topics about Romeo and Juliet. They are about to select and identify whether they are conversant with writing elements required before choosing. Below are the topics you can use for your essay.

  • The death of Juliet and her lover
  • Justify whether the death of Romeo was avoidable
  • The implications of Romeo’s love and affection
  • Significance of Queen Mab’s speech
  • Role of destiny in the drama
  • The antagonist side of Romeo and Juliet’s love
  • The similarities between Juliet and Romeo in today’s context
  • Effects of the accelerated time-scheme in the drama
  • The antagonistic character of Romeo in the comedy
  • The impacts of Romeo’s expectations on the play
  • Implications of Rosaline’s infatuation towards the love of Juliet
  • Discuss Friar Laurence role in the play
  • Significance of women in the play
  • Consequences of Mercutio’s death in the tragedy
  • Reasons why Romeo and his Juliet are considered “star-crossed lovers”
  • Poetic advantage of the play
  • Importance of Shakespeare throughout the piece
  • Reasons for Juliet’s soliloquy in Act 3
  • Roles of Romeo and his Juliet in the general plot of the comedy
  • The function of Wittism from Romeo’s point of view
  • Evaluate the passing of time in the whole drama
  • Discuss how Shakespeare managed to bring out the love theme
  • Discuss the possible savior of Romeo and his love from imminent tragedies
  • Compare and contrast this play to other Shakespearian writings
  • Roles of Mercutio in the play
  • Implications of Mercutio’s speech to the general play
  • Discuss the relationship between Mercutio and Queen Mab
  • Role of Paris in bringing out the love theme in the piece
  • Discuss why Romeo is compared to Paris throughout the play
  • The significance of Rosaline in the play
  • Discuss the major themes in the play
  • The relevant stages in the plot development of the play
  • The relevance of Juliet in bringing out the love theme
  • The revelation of Romeo’s love in the play
  • Identify how Shakespeare brings out the theme of fate

Romeo and Juliet Essay Ideas

Below are significant essay ideas to guide you into selecting the most appropriate and topics easy to write.

  • What caused tragedies in the drama
  • Why did Mercutio die?
  • What’s the comedy based on?
  • Who are the main characters?
  • The manifestation of the theme of love
  • Contributions of Shakespeare in the drama
  • How’s Paris compared to Romeo
  • What keeps Romeo and Juliet together
  • Implications of Rosaline to Juliet’s love
  • Poetic benefits of the drama

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