60 Sports Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 16 January, 2020
Updated 11 January, 2021

There are many essay topics about sports, so students should be careful and attentive when choosing one. The success of a paper partially depends on the quality of ideas that students decide to cover. Often, a teacher provides a specific problem to solve or question to answer. However, they often leave a right to select topics for their students.

Any sport can be studied as a part of culture studies class, English composition, history, art, physical education, and more. They play a big role in human development. That is why a student may face the need to write an essay on one of the related topics at any moment. It will help to understand the true value of this activity and its importance for our health. Young people should be motivated to do physical exercises and stay fit.

How to Select the Best Sports Essay Topic?

To begin with, it is important to divide all of the possible topics into categories. It will be easier for a student than to search them on the web and pick a narrow idea to discuss. Also, one has to pick the topic of their interest. Otherwise, they will not be inspired to work on the essay.

Make sure it is possible to find enough sources related to the chosen essay topics, and they should be reliable and relatively fresh. Do not consider sources that are outdated (usually, it means older than five or ten years). A lot may change in the world during that period. A good idea is also to brainstorm ideas with friends or search for writing tips on websites and social media platforms.

List of Sports Essay Topics to Discuss

First, we would like to pay student’s attention to the shortlist of essay topics from the mixed categories.

  • Do high schools spend too much money on athletes’ training?
  • Reasons to pay wages to college athletes
  • Different shapes of betting on football events
  • Are the inborn talents and skills of players more critical than of their coaches?
  • It should be forbidden to advertise tobacco/alcohol beverages during television translation of games.
  • Female coaches should be allowed to train only female players.
  • The role of self-control in karate
  • Which type of athletes tends to have the most injuries?
  • Who can be called the best tennis players of all times?
  • Can chess be treated as a sport?
  • Secrets of winning the World Memory Championships
  • How is the press conference for athletes different from actors?
  • What are the traits of a good chess player?
  • The problems with the World Cup bidding process
  • How to define an acceptable age range for basketball players

10 Important Racism in Sports Essay Topics

Unfortunately, racial discrimination still exists in the world. Sometimes, games are used as an arena for racism. Think about the related essay topics when having to pick one.

  • Methods to combat racism and racial discrimination in sports
  • Ways to effectively penalize racist acts
  • The way racial discrimination is revealed in some sport-related films
  • The effectiveness of coalitions against racism
  • How to increase awareness of racial discrimination
  • Anti-discrimination legislation to ensure access to sports for everyone
  • Sport as a useful tool for promoting social cohesion and significant values
  • What can sports federations do to fight discrimination?
  • The latest incidents associated with racism in sport games
  • The most successful campaigns against racism in 2019

10 Benefits of Sports Essay Topics That Sound Persuasive

Various physical activities provide plenty of benefits. Students may think about both physical and mental health advantages.

  • Physical benefits of doing physical exercises
  • Getting rid of stress with the help of sports
  • How to control LDL and HDL levels
  • The importance of physical exercises for the immune system
  • Role of eminent sports personalities
  • Mental health benefits of doing sports
  • Can sports prolong the continuity of life?
  • Managing stress levels with the help of physical exercises
  • Why is it important to start one’s day with physical exercises?
  • Is it true that physical activities can reduce the risk of cancer?

10 Hottest Ethics in Sports Essay Topics

Ethics plays a great role in any game. Discuss one of the relevant ethical issues in your essay.

  • Should The Redskins change their name?
  • Why is the college football playoff 2019 considered excellent?
  • Athlete responsibility to engage social media
  • Athletes from college teams must obtain more than scholarship as financial compensation
  • Why is it important to expand the NFL playoffs?
  • Why should aging athletes take pay cuts?
  • Issues associated with designated hitters
  • Is Joe Flaco the best quarterback in football despite his ethical issues?
  • What are the reasons to exclude MLB steroid era players from the HOF?
  • Role of ethics codes in sports

10 Interesting Doping in Sports Essay Topics

Doping is often compared to taking drugs. Topics related to this problem are usually very popular.

  • Reasons why beginning and famous sportsmen dope
  • How doping helps in winning a contest
  • The consequences of doping for the human organism
  • Methods used to prevent players from taking dope
  • The best punishment measures for doping
  • Psychological factors that force people to dope
  • Arguments against doping in sports
  • Can doping among sportsmen be somehow justified?
  • Middle ground or mixed messages: what is more effective in a war against doping?
  • Types of doping involved in American football

10 Sports Essay Ideas for College Students

The ideas for an essay sound more general than topics and the goal is to come up with the title based on them. Once a student chooses an idea, they should narrow down the search to pick a specific subject to cover in an essay. Come up with some topics based on the provided ideas:

  • The origins of different games (e.g., soccer, gold, etc.)
  • The art of fighting (e.g., judo, karate, kickboxing, etc.)
  • The overall personality of people and the role of sports in forming it
  • Sport and history
  • Sport and culture
  • The best physical activities
  • Most popular games in the world
  • Top famous coaches of all times
  • Teamwork in a specific sport
  • Anything related to the Olympic Games

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