40 Anthropology Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 16 February, 2020
Updated 20 November, 2020

In academics, every student should understand that essay writing is one of the most vital learning process activities. This means that anthropology students should always expect to write a lot of essays throughout their school life. Knowing how to draft a good essay is the best way of ensuring you get top marks. This is because the tutors closely monitor the essay, which means that only high-quality anthropology papers are awarded high marks.

You should realize that essays are written for every discipline in the whole education spectrum. Here, it means that every discipline on offer in school nowadays expects students to write an article or more. Academic composition does not only pertain to language or linguistics related courses alone. Therefore, the student must hone their writing skills. This will significantly help them create an award-winning essay that will earn them good marks for sure.

How to Select the Best Anthropology Essay Topic?

When it comes to choosing essay topics about anthropology, the kind of issues profoundly impact the sort of essay you will produce. For instance, if you select topics with a vast spectrum, they will be complicated for you to answer your essay questions fully. Likewise, you will find it challenging to find enough material as input data for your essay when you stick to narrow topics. This means that you will find it challenging to meet the anthropology word limit amount that the teacher has set for you. Therefore, the best topics should be one that you find interesting and ones that are not very wide or too narrowly focused.

A List of Anthropology Essay Topics

Sometimes, your professor may pick themes for you to base your anthropology essay on. However, most of the time, you will be required to select anthropology topics yourself to create a magnificent piece and then submit it to the teacher within a given period. The selection of topics can sometimes be a difficult thing for an anthropology student to do. This is why we have provided you with a list of ten anthropology essay topics that you can choose to base your anthropology paper on. These topics are relatively easy to utilize. Hence they are guaranteed to make the creation of your anthropology essay a little bit easier.

  • The use of anthropology in forensic science
  • Different marriage rituals in different cultures around the world
  • The evolution of the human being
  • Anthropology and native cultures of the Americas
  • Literature and human development
  • The rise of terrorism
  • Influence of anthropology on art
  • Cultures and the belief of the supernatural
  • Impact of social media on different cultures around the world
  • Anthropology and genetic engineering

Examples of Cultural Anthropology Essay Topics to Use

Here is a list of ten cultural essay topics that any anthropology student that has been given this academic composing task can use.

  • The definition of cultures
  • Beliefs in the supernatural in different cultures
  • How different cultures view death
  • Death rituals around the world
  • Cultures and their marriage rituals
  • Chaste systems and social ranks in societies
  • Role of ancestors
  • Clothing designs of different cultures around the globe
  • How different cultures view body modification
  • Study of the ancient Roman culture

Anthropology Topics Examples on Evolution

We have created a list of ten topics on evolution that you can choose to base your anthropology essay on. These topics examples include:

  • The evolution of human intelligence
  • The evolution of the human eye
  • Sexual selection in human beings
  • The red queen hypothesis
  • The human brain compared to that of other creatures
  • Chromosomal change and development of plants
  • Evolution in birds
  • Climate change and its impact on the evolution of different creatures on the planet
  • What are the earliest life forms ever to exist on earth
  • Natural selection as it occurs in the animal kingdom

10 Rituals Anthropology Essay Topics

  • Efficacy
  • Magic and science
  • Myths and rites
  • Different marriage rituals around the world
  • Ritual on childbirth around the globe
  • Death rituals in different parts of the world
  • History of rituals in different cultures around the world
  • The purpose of rituals in human society
  • The connection between myths and religion
  • The relationship between ritual, myths and the faith in different societies

Unique Anthropology Essay Ideas

The reason for creating this blog is to avail students some ideas through which they can quickly come up with perfect topics for their anthropology essay. Here is a list of ten such ideas for excellent topics:

  • Different societies gift-giving customs
  • Agricultural practices around the world
  • Polygamy in different societies
  • Rituals
  • Folklore
  • Traditional healing practices
  • Roles given to different genders in societies
  • Religious beliefs and practices
  • Clothing and other design-related customs
  • Social networks within different societies

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