100 Anthropology Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 16 February, 2020
Updated 26 October, 2023

Anthropology Essay Topics: A Comprehensive Guide

Essay writing is pivotal in every student’s academic journey. In particular, anthropology students will encounter numerous essays throughout their educational journey. It’s essential to master the art of crafting outstanding essays to secure top grades. Contrary to common misconceptions, essay writing isn’t confined to language or linguistics courses. Every discipline, including anthropology, demands this skill. Thus, students must refine their essay writing abilities to produce stellar content.

Selecting the Ideal Anthropology Essay Topic

The essence of an exceptional anthropology essay often lies in the topic chosen. Selecting a broad topic might overwhelm you, preventing you from addressing it thoroughly. Conversely, an overly narrow topic might lack adequate content, making it challenging to meet word count requirements. The ideal topic should be of personal interest and fall between these extremes.

Anthropology Essay Topics to Consider

At times, professors might provide topics. But often, the onus is on students to choose. To aid in this selection, here’s a list of ten anthropology essay topics:

  1. Anthropology’s role in forensic science
  2. Varied marriage customs across global cultures
  3. Human evolution traced through time
  4. Native American cultures and anthropology
  5. Literature’s contribution to human evolution
  6. The increasing threat of terrorism
  7. Anthropology’s influence on art
  8. Supernatural beliefs across different cultures
  9. The effect of social media on global cultures
  10. The interplay between anthropology and genetic engineering

Cultural Anthropology Essay Topics

Delving deeper into cultural anthropology, here are ten more topic suggestions:

  1. Defining ‘culture’ across societies
  2. Supernatural beliefs and their cultural implications
  3. Diverse cultural perceptions of death
  4. Rituals associated with death globally
  5. Marriage customs across various cultures
  6. Societal hierarchies and caste systems
  7. The pivotal role of ancestors in culture
  8. Unique clothing designs across the world
  9. Body modification views in different cultures
  10. A deep dive into ancient Roman culture

Evolution-centric Anthropology Essay Topics

For those interested in evolution, consider these topics:

  1. The development of human intelligence
  2. The fascinating evolution of the human eye
  3. Sexual selection among humans
  4. An exploration of the Red Queen hypothesis
  5. Comparing human brains to other species
  6. Chromosomal evolution in plants
  7. Bird evolution mysteries
  8. Climate change and its evolutionary repercussions
  9. The earliest known life forms on Earth
  10. Natural selection in the animal kingdom

Ritual-based Anthropology Essay Topics

Rituals form the backbone of many cultures. Delve into these topics:

  1. The essence of ritual efficacy
  2. The intersection of magic and science
  3. The linkage between myths and rites
  4. Global variations in marriage rituals
  5. Childbirth rituals across cultures
  6. Death ceremonies worldwide
  7. The historical evolution of rituals
  8. The societal significance of rituals
  9. The intricate web of myths, rituals, and religion
  10. The interrelation of rituals, myths, and faith across societies

Physical Anthropology Topics:

  • The mystery of Neanderthals and their relationship with modern humans.
  • Human bipedalism: Why did we start walking on two legs?
  • The role of nutrition in human evolution.
  • Cranial capacity and its relation to intelligence.
  • The significance of lactose tolerance in human evolution.

Cultural Anthropology Topics:

  • Indigenous communities and their relationship with the modern world.
  • Cultural adaptations to extreme environments.
  • Tattoos and body piercings: Cultural significance and global variations.
  • The cultural impact of globalization.
  • Migration and its effect on cultural identity.

Medical Anthropology Topics:

  • Traditional medicine vs. Western medicine.
  • The cultural basis of certain illnesses.
  • Global health issues and cultural perceptions.
  • The role of rituals in healing.
  • Mental health awareness in various cultures.

Linguistic Anthropology Topics:

  • The dying languages of indigenous tribes.
  • The role of language in shaping thought.
  • Bilingualism and its effects on cognitive functions.
  • The evolution of slang and colloquialisms.
  • The cultural implications of language loss.

Archaeological Topics:

  • The significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
  • Unearthing ancient civilizations: Lessons from Pompeii.
  • The mysteries of the Egyptian pyramids.
  • Megalithic structures around the world.
  • The societal structure of the Indus Valley Civilization.

Religious Anthropology Topics:

  • The origins of world religions.
  • Shamanism across different cultures.
  • Religious rites and their social implications.
  • The anthropology of atheism.
  • Comparative study of creation myths.

Gender and Sexuality Topics:

  • Gender roles in matrilineal societies.
  • The third gender in various cultures.
  • Cultural perceptions of homosexuality.
  • Transgenderism across history.
  • The social construction of femininity.

Economic Anthropology Topics:

  • The cultural basis of consumerism.
  • Barter systems and their societal implications.
  • The anthropological study of modern-day capitalism.
  • The rise and fall of ancient economies.
  • Gift economies and their societal significance.

Political Anthropology Topics:

  • The rise of nation-states.
  • Ancient political structures and their relevance today.
  • The role of leaders in tribal communities.
  • The anthropology of revolutions.
  • The cultural basis of political ideologies.

Technological Anthropology Topics:

  • The impact of the Internet on societal structures.
  • Mobile phones and their influence on culture.
  • The anthropological perspective on AI.
  • Social media and its role in shaping modern identities.
  • Technology adoption rates across various cultures.

Environmental Anthropology Topics:

  • Indigenous knowledge and environmental conservation.
  • Cultural adaptation to climate change.
  • Rituals related to agriculture and harvesting.
  • The anthropological study of urban landscapes.
  • Human-animal relationships in different societies.

Art and Anthropology Topics:

  • Indigenous art forms and their significance.
  • The evolution of music across cultures.
  • Dance forms and their cultural roots.
  • The anthropology of film and cinema.
  • The cultural implications of fashion and clothing.

Migration and Diaspora Topics:

  • The anthropology of refugee communities.
  • Cultural assimilation vs. preservation in immigrant communities.
  • The impact of remittances on home communities.
  • The evolution of diaspora identities.
  • The role of food in migrant communities.

Kinship and Family Topics:

  • The evolution of the nuclear family.
  • Kinship structures in patrilineal societies.
  • The role of elders in family structures.
  • Marriage customs and their evolution.
  • The anthropology of adoption.

Unique Anthropology Essay Ideas

For those seeking distinctiveness, here are some unique topics:

  1. Gift-giving customs in diverse societies
  2. Global agricultural practices
  3. The practice of polygamy across cultures
  4. The rich tapestry of folklore
  5. Traditional healing across cultures
  6. Gender roles in various societies
  7. Religious convictions and customs
  8. Clothing preferences and designs across cultures
  9. Societal social networks

Students aim for top grades in pursuit of academic excellence. However, various challenges might hinder this quest. That’s where our institution can assist, from topic selection to complete essay writing. Reach out today, and let us guide you through your anthropology essay journey.

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