35 Bullying Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 14 February, 2020
Updated 20 November, 2020

Bullying topics are diverse and have been widely discussed over a long period. These topics are still being debated. When writing your piece, there is a variety of branched topics to cover. Firstly, remember that most victims of bullying are school kids, who are bullied amongst themselves. The rise of bullying between these students may result from social differences or an individual’s physical features like being overweight. Some may also be harassed because they can’t defend themselves and others are persecuted for being introverts. Whichever the case, it is very unkind, and it affects the well-being of the tormented kids. Bullying can result in physical and emotional disorders, depression, or poor eating habits. In extreme cases, it may lead victims to commit suicide. Bullying topics are significant and their concepts should be thoroughly discussed.

How to Select the Best Bullying Essay Topic?

You probably have no idea where to start when selecting the most excellent bullying essay topic. Rely on us as we will take you through 5 easy steps to pick your essay topic. Everyone can be a bullying victim. Probably, you are one of the targets. When you relate to a situation, it will be straightforward to write a comprehensive bullying essay because you are familiar with it. You should start by thinking broadly about the issue and the potential topics, and then narrow down your focus. When writing about bullying, your teachers rely on the emotions that they can use to relate to your research. Below are the steps you ought to follow when selecting the bullying topic.

  • In the first step, you should consider the reader. Use a captivating bullying topic that they will relate to. You have read and heard a lot about bullying, and we believe you have that topic in mind that will grab your teacher’s full attention.
  • Make sure you brainstorm and discuss the topic with others and see the depth of it. The bullying topics should be enticing and not dull.
  • Begin with a hook in your bullying essay topic to grab your supervisors’ attention and want to read and connect with your writing to the last sentence.
  • Make sure you have facts about your bullying topics with the correct statistics. Your essay writing structure should consist of the introduction, body where you will develop your thesis statement, and finally, the conclusion. Make sure to have factual evidence.
  • Lastly, review and proofread your bullying essay paper, making sure you have included all that is to be covered from your bullying topic. Ask a friend or a family member to go through and listen to their views and rectify them before submitting them.

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List of Bullying Essay Topics to Select From

After reading through your teachers’ requirements about your writing, the next thing in your mind should be your bullying topic. Above I have shown you how to make your selection, but you may still be blank about your bullying topic. Use this platform, as we will give you 25 good samples of article topics on victimization.

  • Effects of bullying and victimization in schools and the victims.
  • How to stop the rise of maltreatment, give out ideas and suggestions.
  • Dealing with a bullying target and how we should behave around them.
  • Are parents aware of bullying in our schools, and should we tell them?
  • Have you ever rescued anyone from bullying, and was the person tormented?
  • Are you a victim of mistreatment due to unavoidable circumstances?
  • What should legal measures be taken to stop this heinous act of bullying?
  • What is the best punishment for people caught harassing and bullying?
  • Which are the reasons why people get bullied?
  • Have you ever tormented anyone, and what was your approach?
  • Is bullying wrong to society?
  • How can you avoid being frightened of bullying?
  • How to stop discrimination and bullying in schools.
  • How will victims of bullying and maltreatment overcome it?
  • Is Cyber mistreatment different from any other abuse?
  • Are teachers doing enough to avoid tyrants in schools?
  • What is the importance of victimization awareness among students in schools?
  • What are the leading causes of being Cyber persecuted?
  • Which action should you take if you are being tormented?
  • What benefits aggressors after bullying or harassing fellow students?
  • Should the police be involved in an incident of bullying in schools?
  • What kind of intimidation profoundly affects the fatalities?
  • Why is there a rise in Cyber harassment in schools?
  • What is the difference between Cyberbullying oppression and traditional harassment?
  • How can you tell a bullied person, and why?

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Cyber Bullying Essay Topics

When you decide to write about Cyberbullying mistreatment pieces, we got you covered with the best topics. These topics include:

  • What are the reasons why people are being cyberbullied?
  • How can one overcome Cyber intimidation trauma?
  • Which investigation is conducted to get the attacker?
  • Why do people Cyberbully others?
  • Does Cyber victimization cause more suicidal cases than traditional victimization?
  • What are the measures taken to avoid being Cyberbullied?
  • Do our social media accounts lead us to be Cyberbullied?
  • What is the best prevention of Cyber discrimination?
  • What are the consequences of Cyber harassment?
  • My own experience with Cyber intimidation.

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Anti-Bullying Essay Topics

Check out below the different types of anti-discrimination essay topics. They can act as a stimulus to help you come up with your own.

  • Write about the effective ways to stop bullying harassment.
  • Share experience with the effects that you faced while you were bullied.
  • What impact does the bullying oppression have on the victims?
  • Should the victims seek help from the parents or the teachers?
  • Can oppression be caused by social class and standards?
  • How is the government involved in eliminating intimidation in schools?
  • How can one handle a tormenter?
  • Research about bullies and how to stop them in your essay topic.
  • What should be done to avoid bullies?
  • Can the bullying victimization be stopped for good?

Bullying Essay Ideas

These are ideas for an argumentative essay on oppression:

  • Is a tyrant considered as a criminal explain in your essay?
  • Why is bullying discrimination mostly among children and the younger generation?
  • Which age bracket is harassment highly seen, explain in your bullying essay topic?
  • Do boys bully more than girls? This is a very common bullying essay topic.
  • Is adolescence associated with bullying and harassment?
  • Is harassment only affecting the mental state?
  • How can the victimization cycle be broken? This is one of our best essay topics because it is broad to cover.
  • Is there any difference between to sneer and to bully?
  • Argue out in your essay topic if one can be affected in school performance from being tormented or bullied?
  • Can you also choose a topic for your essay because victims tend to think of suicide after being bullied?

We hope we have narrowed down your search for the best essay topics about bullying. Follow the rules and structure using the correct arguments and bullying essay topics to make sure you write a good essay.  Our premium essay writing service’s main aim is to offer a helping hand, and it will be of great pleasure if you fill out our order form and allow us to tackle your bullying essays and select the most suited topic for you.

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