65 Exploratory Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 14 February, 2020
Updated 20 November, 2020

In preparing an essay, it is essential to choose the right topic. A sound and proper name, combined with an intense study, will draw listeners’ attention when a faded and hackneyed question looks “beaten” and uninteresting. Here are more than 50 original ideas to help you formulate a sharp and insightful topic for your exploratory essay.

How to Select the Best Exploratory Essay Topic?

If you choose an interesting question, you should be ready to search for information on it, as well as a means to achieve the goal, which is sometimes tricky. In the information search, it will be smart to use not only domestic but also foreign resources. The more diversified the information in your research is, the more engaging it for your audience.

It is also essential for your topic to cover clear boundaries and reflect the essence of the work. If the research work issue covers too much area, and the work itself does not reveal the whole reality of the heading, the evaluation committee may have relevant questions. The same thing can happen when a topic is reflected only in a part of scientific work.

An Exhaustive List of Exploratory Essay Topics

  • Perception of music through speakers and headphones: common things and differences.
  • Does Depression Depend on the Season?
  • Code of Ethics for Representatives of Different Professions: What is Common and What Are the Differences?
  • Harmful industry: fake eco-programs of famous brands.
  • Grammy and Oscar: how to choose the best artists.
  • All diseases from nerves: truth or myth?
  • What is charisma? How to identify a person with the charisma?
  • What defines the right person: psychological and social aspects?
  • Tolerance and religion: the main issues of our time.
  • Computer games: harm or benefit?
  • Music is a psychotherapeutic tool.
  • Cinema in a movie or at home through a computer: what is common and what are the differences?
  • Comics: yesterday, today, tomorrow.
  • Why does an online translator make mistakes?
  • Why is popularity not equivalent to happiness?
  • Boomers and zoomers: myths and real differences.
  • Reasons why millennials are alone and depressed.
  • Eco-trends and fashion: how our life will change in 10 years.
  • Travel broadens your perception: why it’s good to travel out of town.
  • Urbanization of life: why you need to get into wildlife.
  • The problem of adaptation of famous books: why books are better than the cinema.
  • Animation problem: adult concepts and ideas in children’s cinema.
  • Cultural appropriation and its criticism: main problems.
  • Gender issues in film and literature: key trends.
  • Migrants: pros and cons of globalization processes.

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10 Original Exploratory Essay Topics for College Students

  • Is it worth scientists to test drugs on animals to defeat human diseases like cancer?
  • Boredom as the cause of many negative consequences in the life of modern people.
  • Eco problems: is global warming coming?
  • Heroes of comics as a modern pantheon.
  • What makes a bad movie terrible?
  • Why are remakes of past films so unsuccessful?
  • Elon Musk and innovation: is it worth exploring Mars and how useful are extra-terra research.
  • Comedy shows as a way to study the political situation.
  • Should famous actors and musicians have a political position, or is art outside it?
  • Contemporary art: trends in photography and drawings in the 21st century.

Top 10 Fun Exploratory Essay Topics

  • Same-sex marriage must be allowed.
  • Why living together before marriage guarantees a longer marriage relationship?
  • Sit comas and films affect our behavior in life.
  • Friends are the family that you choose for yourself.
  • What professions will robots replace in the next ten years?
  • Do Organic Products Help Our Health?
  • Cultural appropriation is a false accusation in the modern world.
  • Lookism and body positivism – wrong approaches to modern healthy life.
  • Fans and bigotry – how to understand that the idealization of famous personalities is a disease?
  • Is it possible to love music without understanding a foreign language?

Original Exploratory Essay Topics about Sports

  • Role of physical culture and sports in the formation of a healthy lifestyle.
  • International competitions: sport as a political tool.
  • Sport as a component of the country’s international image.
  • E-Sports: development trends in the modern world.
  • The importance of sports sections at schools and colleges.
  • Dance as a sport: prestigious world-class dance competitions.
  • National sport: the importance of developing sporting events in the country.
  • History of the Olympic Games: past, present, and future.
  • Doping in sport: controversial views on sports training.
  • Sport as a social tool: why it is essential to play sports.

Strong Insight on Exploratory Essay Topics Mental Health

  • False and stereotypical images of mental illness in the cinema.
  • Are movies (Joker, Thirteen Reasons Why) negatively affect people’s behavior?
  • Individual psychological characteristics of adolescents belonging to a subculture (choice of the subculture).
  • School bullying: causes of adult-onset and intervention.
  • The problem of teenage loneliness.
  • Eating disorders: illness treatment methods.
  • The psychological impact of art (music, visual activity) on a person.
  • The study of the degree of meaningfulness of life and the level of subjective loneliness.
  • The study of value orientations in individuals prone to depressive states.
  • Signs of anxiety disorders and basic methods of dealing with them.

Best Psychology Exploratory Topic Ideas for Your Essay

  • The possible paths of human evolution in the future.
  • The problem of biological age in psychology.
  • Education and self-education of character.
  • Perception of guilt and the possibility of forgiveness.
  • Youth slang is a form of self-affirmation of children.
  • The science of beauty – how we determine that a person is beautiful.
  • Some communication difficulties in adolescence.
  • Psychosomatic causes of disease: myths and truth.
  • The problem of the attitude of modern adolescents to money.
  • The problem of professional self-determination.

How to Generate Unique Exploratory Essay Ideas

The most eye-catching essay topics about exploratory ideas contain an element of surprise, of public importance, have intriguing language and controversial points. If you are not sure that you can write an A+ essay, do not worry. You can always get professional essay help online from the best writers in the field.

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