30 Ethnographic Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 13 February, 2020
Updated 20 November, 2020

Aiming at people and cultures’ knowledge, ethnography closely echoes such disciplines as history, anthropology, geography, and cultural studies. In particular, ethnographers study the formation and historical development of ethnic groups and social groups, the characteristics of their cultural, economic, political, linguistic, and religious development. At the same time, research is carried out both in modern and historical contexts. That is why it is often perplexing to focus on one aspect of the ethnic group and write a decent essay.

How to Select the Best Ethnographic Essay Topic?

Today, almost none of the ethnographers specializes in general ethnography, covering many disciplines and areas of knowledge. Instead, ethnographers usually have a narrow specialization, studying specific nations on an ethnic, linguistic, or geographical basis.

Many ethnographers also specialize in researching one or another aspect of the development of several ethnic groups. For example, they may study the culture, migration processes, interethnic relations, economics, politics, or religion of several nationalities solely.

That is why, when you’re searching for a fresh and unique idea, it’s vital to focus on one theme and narrow it down to some specific element of culture. Be sure to do some internet surfing to understand the particular cultural area you’re to write about.

List of Ethnographic Essay Topics: Top 30 Ideas to Choose From

To make an outstanding essay, choose a cultural or ethnic group closest to you, and focus on one aspect that is interesting or unique in that group. In this way, your essay will be unique, and at the same time, enjoyable for both you and your readers. If you find it hard to come up with a topic, here are some inspirational ideas to use:

Ethnographic Essay Ideas: Main Themes to Concentrate On

Ethnography is a science that studies ethnic groups and peoples, paying particular attention to all aspects of their development and formation. Therefore there are several aspects to write about a single ethnic group, no need to mention the migration, collaboration, and mixing of ethnicities. So here are some basic concepts to use as a base when getting up with the idea for your essay:

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