35 Brave New World Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 12 February, 2020
Updated 20 November, 2020

Brave New World is a dystopian story that was written by Aldous Huxley, an English author. The society in the book is made up of genetically modified beings. Since its release in the early 20th century, this story has been the center of controversy and praise. Today, it is studied in many high schools and colleges around the globe. For this reason, students at different levels of study will need to equip themselves with some Brave New World essay ideas and Brave New World essay topics.

How to Select the Best Brave New World Essay Topic?

Sometimes, instructors will allow you to select your own Brave New World essay topics. You must choose a good question since this will serve as the professor’s initial interaction with your article.

A critical thing to check is whether any Brave New World essay topics naturally interest you. It is a lot easier to write essays on themes that are interesting to you. You can then check whether the chosen question is narrow enough to suit your preference. Narrow Brave New World essay topics are those, which are specific, while a broad one gives you more room for thought. Generally, narrow Brave New World essay ideas are more comfortable to tackle since they give you a clue of what you need to focus on.

However, before you start writing, you must create an outline of your Brave New World essay topics and ensure enough sources to help with the essay. If any of the issues have very few sources, it will be impossible to complete the article.

List of Brave New World Essay Topics

Here are some Brave New World essay topics, which you can write about:

  • Why do you think characters such as Bernard and John are not content with life in society while everyone else is satisfied? Come up with examples to illustrate your ideas.
  • Is the caste system in the book realistic, or is it just fictional?
  • Sometimes, citizens are subjected to adverse conditions to help with a more significant cause. Show such instances in the novel.
  • Religion and science are core issues in this book. Use Brave New World plot to show the relevance of these institutions to the nation portrayed.
  • In what ways is John different from other people in the nation?
  • People in this nation appear to be content with their lives. Use some Brave New World examples to show why such a government form would be bad for the people.
  • Does the book present a perfect or imperfect world?
  • In what ways is dehumanization used in this novel?
  • Is it possible for a society to be happy and aware of reality? Come up with Brave New World problems to answer this question.
  • In which way is this book relevant to our world today?
  • Concerning Marxism, create Brave New World essay topics on the politics of this book.
  • How does technology improve society?
  • How does Huxley show the social and political aspects of society?
  • Come up with Brave New World topics on the tools of literature used in the book to show the state’s political and social aspects.
  • Huxley’s background allowed him to come up with the idea for this book. Explain.
  • Write how Linda and John differ from other members of the nation.
  • In what ways does the novel serve a cautionary role in today’s world? Use Brave New World essay topics to illustrate this point.
  • How does the family unit in this nation differ from the traditional idea of family?
  • The novel shows how useful personal identity is in society. Explain.
  • Was it necessary for John to die in the story? What would have happened if he did not die? Explain in your summary.
  • The caste system is this novel is based on genetics. What are the pros and cons of such a system?
  • With some Brave New World essay ideas, explain how the theme of escape is portrayed in the novel.
  • Are men and women treated equally in the nation?
  • John Savage shows some aspects of humanity. Explain these traits.
  • Use some topics to show whether or not the book has made an impact on our world today.
  • In your Brave New World essay, examine the symbols used in this novel, and show how they move the main story.
  • Why is Ford used as a supernatural being in the story?
  • From the novel, what do you think would be Huxley’s ideal society? Use ideas from the essay to illustrate your point.
  • Show how this book impacted other artists?
  • Show how the theme of freedom is seen in this novel.
  • Explain how the methods of raising children affect society.
  • Does the novel show that people can achieve contentment in life by using medication?
  • Does Mustapha Mond serve as the antagonist in this novel? Explain in Brave New World essay.
  • To which level do the members suppress their religious impulses?
  • How are the castes distinguished from each other? Do they have any similarities to modern society? Answer these questions in your summary.

Brave New World Essay Ideas

  • Elements of personality in the nation
  • Sexuality in the World State
  • Main conflicts in the novel
  • Aspects of marriage
  • A social condition in State
  • Liberation in the nation
  • Stress among people in the nation
  • Racial and gender equality in society
  • Roles of women
  • Use of drugs in society

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