30 Beowulf Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 10 February, 2020
Updated 20 November, 2020

Beowulf was written sometime around the start of the 11th century, and it is, perhaps, the most famous Old English poem. It has more than 3000 lines. The story is set in Scandanavia and involves multiple wars. There are many essential themes tackled in the poem, and the style of writing is also crucial for scholars. Your instructor may ask you to pick a topic of your choice in this poem and write an essay on it. In this article, we have covered some subjects you can write about in your essay.

How to Select the Best Beowulf Essay Topic?

You do not necessarily need to select rare and peculiar topics in the article. More common issues will be simpler to research, and you will be able to submit a high-quality paper in good time. When choosing a topic, consider how much it interests you. Many people pick boring essay topics just because they seem easier to complete. But such issues will not motivate you to think deeply or even research properly. You should also not pick a topic just because you can access an old essay with the same subject. All academic essays have to be written from a unique perspective, especially in college. Generally, the topics need to be narrow enough so that you can understand what exactly you should write on.

List of Beowulf Essay Topics

  • What role do women play in the society portrayed?
  • Digression is used in this poem. How does this style bring out the character of the original story?
  • How does a warrior relate to lordship in the novel?
  • Is the society portrayed in the poem traditional?
  • In which ways do the characters develop as the poem unfolds?
  • A few lessons can be obtained from the work of Siegmund and Finn. Describe a few of these lessons.
  • In what ways does Beowulf show the theme of male dominance?
  • How does Hrothgar’s sermon help with the author’s voice?
  • Is the mead hall principal in the book?
  • Describe Grendel’s character.
  • Describe the positive and negative traits of Beowulf. Do you like him or not?
  • Examine the battle of Grendel and Beowulf.
  • Describe the main ideas of the story.
  • Examine the theme of good vs. evil in the poem.
  • Is Beowulf a real hero? Explain.
  • Does Beowulf have any similarities with his ancestor Cain?
  • Is religion useful to the people of Beowulf?
  • Show the importance of ancestry to the self-worth of the residents of Beowulf.
  • Does Beowulf have sufficient leadership skills?
  • Show the characters’ views on the treasure in the poem.
  • What is the significance of the death of Grendel?
  • Explain the main idea in the poem of Beowulf.
  • The writer of this poem uses language devices throughout the poem. Identify some of these devices.
  • Analyze the life of Grendel.
  • Parallelisms are often used in epic poems. Identify the use of this style in the poem.
  • The poem features echoes of actual historical events. Identify these events in the poem.
  • Gendel’s claw has a symbolic significance in the poem. Discuss.
  • What is the importance of mothers in the society of Beowulf?
  • Explain the differences between this poem and others written in its time, based on religion.
  • Who are the most developed characters in this story?

Beowulf Essay Ideas That Will Inspire You

  • Gold about the beliefs of people in the story
  • The heroes of the poem
  • The tools and weapons used in battle
  • The concept of gender equality in society
  • Leadership capacity of the characters
  • Try to examine how Beowulf can fight even in old age
  • Look at the central ideas of the poem
  • Look at their religious beliefs
  • Look at the features of the society in the poem. Which ones are likable and which are detestable?
  • Look at the false episodes in the poem.

Final Word on Essay Topics About Beowulf

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