55 Philosophy Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 9 February, 2020
Updated 20 November, 2020

A philosophy paper is an essay that aims to present a claim or your unique point of view as well as strive to defend your take on a particular subject with current and factual information. As such, more often than not, you will have to write a philosophy essay for which you will require professional help. We can help you with a comprehensive list of engaging and entertaining philosophy essay topics to help you start.

General List of Philosophy Essay Topics

Our company has a team of highly skilled and experienced writers, each of whom can develop top-notch topics for students from all over the world. Here is a list of topics you can use for your philosophy essay:

  • Reasons why you should never overlook an opportunity
  • Ways in which society has influenced a person’s personality
  • A definition of good and evil in people
  • Human values that are important for today’s modern world
  • A comprehensive description of loneliness
  • Reasons why creativity is the key to human development
  • The role of emotions in a person’s life
  • The perception of religion and why it is so widespread
  • Character traits that determine a person’s character
  • The justification of going to war with neighboring countries
  • The possibility of living in an ideal world
  • The possibility of living happily without a family
  • Factors that contribute to a perfect environment for human development
  • Reasons to choose between a high paying job and one that you really like
  • The possibility that religion might only be a tool for manipulation
  • The concept of human rights and why they should be protected
  • Pros and cons of having an abortion
  • The benefits of becoming a vegetarian
  • The role played by society in developing one’s personality
  • The concept of life after death and how to best prepare for it
  • The importance of education and its significance in today’s world
  • Ways of achieving peace in today’s world
  • The aspect of human life that makes it worthwhile
  • Reasons why fashion and beauty standards change often
  • Effective methods of improving a person’s creativity

Top-Notch Social and Political Philosophy Essay Topics

Usually, philosophy essays cover various aspects of life in society; thus, it can be challenging to narrow down your focus to any one subject. However, with our list of essay topics for any philosophy assignment, you will have all the information you need to formulate a top-tier philosophy essay. Some of these philosophy topics include:

  • Benefits of a decentralized system of government
  • Justification of civil disobedience in a democratic state
  • The origin of politics
  • Compare and contrast the electoral systems of developing nations worldwide
  • The disadvantages of globalization on the world economy
  • The relation between power and morality
  • The role of terrorism in politics
  • Advantages and disadvantages of totalitarianism
  • Significance of strong international relations in developing nations
  • The connection between the media and politics

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High-Quality Religion Philosophy Essay Topics

If for whichever reason, you are required to write a philosophy essay based on religion. We can assist you with a list of essay topics to help you identify the best theme for your philosophy paper. Here are 10 sample essay topics for your philosophy assignment:

  • The philosophy of totemism and animalism in today’s religions
  • Similarities and differences in the myths related to God
  • The relation between religious beliefs and science
  • The influence of religious faith in the creation of theocratic states
  • A comparison of the monotheistic religions worldwide
  • The dawn of Christianity
  • Similarities between Islamic and Christian religions
  • Hinduism and its influence on modern Indian societies
  • Causes of the emergence of new religions and beliefs
  • Implementation of traditional religious practices in a contemporary world

Ethics Philosophy Essay Topics

When asked to write a philosophy essay based on an ethical topic, it is understandable that you might need some help. Here are 10 philosophy and ethics essay topics you can choose from:

  • Reasons why abortions should be legalized
  • Ethical business practices guaranteed to grow your company
  • Advantages and disadvantages of utilitarianism
  • The dependence on a person’s moral compass to discern what is right or wrong
  • Ethical considerations when conducting clinical trials
  • The Catholic church and their stand on the use of contraceptives
  • Compare and contrast ethical and psychological egoism
  • The role of society in developing good morals among the youth
  • The significance of philosophy in digital transformation
  • Relationship between happiness and moral obligation

Philosophy Essay Ideas

When asked to write a philosophy essay and are at odds at which topic to choose for your assignment, you can look at some of the ideas outlined below to help you narrow down your philosophy essay’s focus. They include:

  • Depending on the amount of information is needed, you can focus your essay on comparing two different ideas.
  • Write a philosophy essay focused on explaining the development of humans’ specific aspects, such as how morals have changed from the past to now maintaining your focus on an individual society.
  • You can choose to deliver a literature review of another person’s philosophy essay or develop your own theory backed by evidence from factual and current information sources.
  • Choose a controversial topic such as religion and present some arguments. However, you should avoid posting any insults directed at any religious group within your philosophy paper.
  • Write about the ideal government according to you and backed by supporting pieces of evidence. Make sure you describe every aspect of this perfect government and why it is better than the current one.
  • You can analyze various philosophy works and present your take on the findings of these different authors.
  • Write about a contentious issue, such as how wars are used to justify the end result. Describe how a war can be started with the aim of restoring peace to an area.
  • Compare and contrast a monarch and a democracy, highlighting how each one affects the people’s free will.
  • You can also speculate on the issue of whether or not there is life after death and how this idea impacts the daily habits of a person’s day to day life.
  • Compare and contrast the choices people have made to gain riches. You will be surprised at how many there are.

How to Select the Best Philosophy Essay Topic?

Now that you have access to our sample philosophy essay ideas and topics for your assignment, you are now ready to start your topic paper. However, before you can begin, you have to realize that these philosophy essay samples are accessed by various students worldwide; therefore, our topics should not be used as-is.

If you have difficulties identifying the best essay topics for a philosophy essay, you can pay any of our essay writers for the philosophy paper to be written from scratch, complete with an engaging and informative essay topic. You can rely on our philosophy essay writing service.

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