35 Social Issue Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 8 February, 2020
Updated 20 November, 2020

A social issue can be defined as a problem that affects individuals’ typical, day-to-day lives in a society. These issues are present within the ethical, moral, and cultural bonds of society. However, each culture has its own set of unique challenges that may seem mundane in any other society. This is a subject that is also taught in various institutions of learning, whereby you will be expected to deliver assignments based on some of the social issues of specific societies.

How to Select the Best Social Issue Essay Topic?

Writing a top-notch paper is a sure way to ensure you garner good grades at the end of the term. However, what you do not know is that the topic is a significant determinant in how the reader perceives your document. Therefore, you should make sure that the item you choose meets the requirements of the assignment and is exciting and engaging.

Comprehensive List of Social Issue Essay Topics

The structure of a social issue essay is, in most ways, similar to any other essay or research paper you are already familiar with. However, to get the best results from your paper, you ought to have an engaging and exciting topic. Below is a list of essay topics about the social issue:

  • Human right violations in a different part of the world
  • The adverse effects of terrorism on people’ civil liberties and democracy
  • Social issues why the death penalty should be abolished globally
  • Impact of corporate policies on one’s mental health
  • Social reasons that led to the collapse of the Roman empire
  • Advantages and disadvantages of polygamy in society
  • Possible outcomes of the change of gender roles in the US
  • An in-depth analysis of white privilege and the social issues it presents
  • A study on the adverse effects bullying has on the mental health of teenagers
  • Government involvement in people’s personal lives
  • The social issues presented by the divide between the rich and poor in a society
  • The social issues of the high school hierarchy
  • The relation between the US economy and illegal immigration
  • Reasons why unemployment is the main reason for an economic slump
  • People’s reaction to social issues of domestic violence
  • A comparison of the response to domestic violence against both men and women
  • Social Issues of discrimination in the job market
  • The destructive nature of capitalism and the resulting social issues
  • Reasons why proper sex education is essential in schools
  • The downside to globalization
  • The social issues associated with the negative perception of minority groups
  • The relation between social prejudice and low self-esteem
  • The implementation of free education worldwide
  • Social prejudice as a result of illness
  • Misconceptions about internet safety and security and the issues that arise
  • The increase in the total number of single parents in the world
  • An analysis of people’s ignorance as to the leading cause of racism
  • Benefits and disadvantages of immigration to the US
  • Economic issues experienced in developing countries compared to the US
  • Reasons why women are considered inferior to men in third world countries
  • The adverse effects of colonization on African countries
  • The drawbacks of the American – Mexican wall
  • Proof that people are taught how to discriminate
  • The negative impact of hate speech in the media
  • Reasons why people immigrate to neighboring countries
  • Past issues that evoke negative stereotypes in today’s societies
  • Positive social and cultural outcomes of immigration
  • Common typecasts in most US societies

Social Issue Essay Ideas to Guide You with Your Assignment

In addition to the topics outlined above, you can also have a look at some of the ideas we have formulated that you can use to deliver a high-quality social issues essay. These ideas include:

  • You can choose to write about human right violations in developed countries all over the world
  • Define the society’s reaction towards domestic violence towards men
  • Write about the different factors that lead to the increase of Mexicans immigrating to the US
  • Research and write a paper on the best way to instill proper sex education among teenagers
  • Describer the role played by the media in times of war
  • Write about the difference in burial ceremonies among different societies
  • Write about the physical and emotional changes experienced as one transition from childhood to adulthood
  • What is the main issue affecting refugees worldwide?
  • Write a paper describing the effectiveness of the US – Mexican border.
  • How did the Syrian war affect other countries?

All our topics have these characteristics, and it is up to you to choose the one best suited for your assignment. However, you should be very careful not to submit plagiarized content. We can help you paraphrase any of the topics on our website as well as write your paper from scratch. Do not wait until the last minute. Visit our website today.

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