75 Persuasive Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 7 February, 2020
Updated 20 November, 2020

A persuasive essay is an academic writing task that requires you to employ reasoning and logic to present your own perspective on a particular subject and show why your take on the subject; it is more dependable. However, before you can start writing a persuasive essay, you will have to come up with an informative yet engaging essay topic. We have a list of essay topics you can use for your persuasive assignments. All our essay topics are written by skilled persuasive essay writers, ensuring that each persuasive topic you choose from us is guaranteed to be persuasive and will pique your readers’ attention.

How to Select the Best Persuasive Essay Topic? – A Step by Step Guide

Before settling on any one of our topics, you have first to consider your persuasive essay requirements, the intended subject of your essay as well as the level of education. These are the most significant aspects that each of our clients must consider before selecting any of our persuasive assignment topics. Besides, you should not use the topics as is, mainly because you are not the only one with access to the vast collection of persuasive essay topics.

General List of Persuasive Essay Topics

Below are some of the persuasive topics you can choose from for any essay assignment when visiting our website. Some of the persuasive topics for your essay include:

  • Reasons why families should have more shared activities
  • The positive effects of the death penalty on the levels of crime
  • Peer pressure is an essential development stage one has to learn to overcome on their own
  • Justification for the US government’s involvement in providing shelter for the homeless
  • Eating organic food is better than genetically modified crops
  • The call for tobacco and alcohol advertisements to be reduced
  • Reasons why laws should be implemented to protect endangered plant and animal species
  • Pros and cons of hybrid cars compared to traditional vehicles
  • The unethical practice of testing new products on animals
  • Benefits of buying a car over leasing one
  • Is it a moral obligation to help anyone in need?
  • Factors that lead to the abolishment of the death penalty in most countries worldwide
  • The drawbacks of being a vegetarian
  • Reasons why women ought to compete in the same sports as their male counterparts
  • Reasons why teenagers should be restricted into R-rated movies

Top-Notch Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

As a pupil in middle school, your needs are still catered for with our comprehensive list of quality and engaging essay topics for any persuasive writing assignment. Here are 10 persuasive topics for your middle school persuasive essay. These essay topics include:

  • Reasons why children need to keep busy with chores
  • Why parents should limit the number of time pupils spend online and watching TV
  • Reasons why middle school sporting activities should be compulsory
  • The advantages and disadvantages of summer classes
  • The over dependency of young children on technology
  • Harmful effects of marijuana on the human body
  • Lessons learned by kids after earning their allowance
  • Should schools lighten the burden of exams on students
  • A comparison of the private and public school systems in the US
  • The benefits of the school newspaper and its impact on the pupil’s lives

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Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

As you progress to high school, any persuasive essay’s requirements are likely to pose a significant challenge. Below is a list of 10 high-quality topics for your persuasive essay assignments:

  • Role of the nation’s leaders as the youth’s moral compass
  • The significant role of fashion in today’s societies
  • Reasons why the current standardized assessment methods are not an accurate measure of a student’s academic progress
  • Effectiveness of life sentences in deterring criminal activities
  • Importance of censorship in a digital-centric world
  • Reasons why the legal voting age should be lowered
  • The unethical practice of placing mentally and physically challenged students in separate learning environments
  • Why privacy is overlooked in times of national security
  • Why the financial burden should be shared equally concerning a person’s financial capability
  • Effective ways of preventing probable mass shootings in high schools

Engaging Persuasive Essay Topics for College

If you are in college, you do not have to worry, we have got you covered for any persuasive writing task. Below is a list of college essay topics suitable for your persuasive assignment requirements. The essay topics include:

  • Evidence that advertising messes with consumer perception
  • Justification of offering financial aid to all financially challenged applicants
  • The necessity of assessing educators regularly
  • Reasons why incidents of cyberbullying in college should be prosecuted
  • Advantages and disadvantages of allowing students to use their phones within the college
  • The necessity of compulsory physical tests during college applications
  • Benefits of digital transformation to the college education system in developing countries
  • The drawbacks of college sororities and fraternities
  • Reasons why underperforming students should not be forced to repeat a class
  • The role played by colleges play in ensuring viable employment opportunities for their students

Interesting Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

Learning institutions and teachers worldwide will sometimes require you to write persuasive essays on various topics, including sports. More often than not, your teacher will ask you to write a persuasive essay based on a sports event. Thus you will need an interesting essay with a persuasive topic to ensure that you capture your readers’ attention. Such persuasive topics include:

  • Effective ways of breaking high school stereotypes
  • Reasons why students should be paid for sporting activities
  • Risks of bodybuilding for women athletes
  • 10 best ways of relieving stress after a game
  • Reasons why chess is more of a sport than a game
  • Regulations that should be imposed on all sports betting activities
  • Adverse effects energy drinks pose to athletes
  • The idiosyncrasies of the National Football League’s concussion rules
  • Reasons why not all great athletes become good coaches
  • Why drug advertisements should not be aired during live sports events

Informative Medical Persuasive Essay Topics

As a medical student, you are likely to be asked to deliver a persuasive essay based on any one of the following medical fields. You can narrow down your focus with any of our persuasive topics for your essay assignments. The topics include:

  • Female students should have access to birth control medication without parental consent
  • The benefits of a universal healthcare system
  • Ethical considerations for the distribution of contraceptives in schools
  • Reasons why fast food should be served with a warning label
  • Factors that hinder the implementation of countrywide free medical care facilities
  • Health benefits of regular exercise
  • The pros and cons of wearing a seatbelt
  • Factors that influence the increase in the number of abortions in developing nations
  • Reasons why breakfast is the essential meal of the day
  • Adverse effects of consuming too much salt

Stimulating and Fun Persuasive Essay Topics

At times you might want to lighten the load with a funny persuasive essay. Here are 10 fun essay topics for your persuasive writing task:

  • 10 Reasons to eat at McDonald’s
  • Pros and cons of being a professional gamer
  • The benefits of listening to music
  • Lies are a natural and healthy way to preserve a relationship
  • The downside to taking on a food challenge
  • Why blonde girls should not be considered dumb
  • Benefits of having a joyful classroom environment
  • 5 Reasons why you should learn to play the piano
  • Advantages of taking a day off from your busy schedule
  • College students should wear matching uniforms

High-Quality Persuasive Essay Ideas to Guide You

You might also want to look at some of the ideas our skilled persuasive writing experts have come up with to guide you as you write your essay. They include:

  • Try focusing your subject on addressing issues that affect a large group of people such as, the use of contraceptives by teenagers under the age of 16
  • Describe reasons why something is better than another, for instance, why certain products from one company are better than those produced in another
  • You can choose to write about the need for a whole year of relaxation after high school, i.e., the benefits
  • Describe some of the best ways the US can win the war on terror with minimal loss to human life
  • Identify ways in which newspapers can adapt to the digital transformation
  • Focus your essay on identifying reasons why women should be more involved in politics
  • Present the justification for allowing people under the age of 18 to participate in voting
  • Write a persuasive essay convincing the reader about the importance of protecting religious liberties
  • Write an essay with reasons explaining how the American – Mexican border would help reduce the US immigration problem
  • Present a persuasive argument for the need for sex education in high school

As such, you can choose to request any of our skilled essay writers to write a high-quality assignment based on the essay topics about persuasive assignments you choose. You are assured of getting top-notch results regardless of the essay requirements or the level of education. Buy a persuasive essay right now!

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