101 Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 26 May, 2019
Updated 11 January, 2021

Many students do not know how to write a cause and effect essay, yet it is easy. This is because many do not know where to get the topic from, even when their supervisor has given them the freedom to choose any topic to write about. In some instances, however, students are confined to a given topic by the supervisor, but in cases where they must choose a topic of their own, then the writing should be interesting. When you are left to choose your own topic, then passion and interest should drive the student to choose the best topic that they have more information on. This is why students should be diverse in their reading.

Apart from getting a topic from the internet, there are other sources to come up with a topic to write about. One of the sources is through reading journals and newspapers. While reading a newspaper, one can obtain credible information that can help develop a cause and effect essay. The purpose of the cause and effect essay is to identify an event and discuss the event’s possible causes and results. Through the newspaper, one can get events that have occurred and the leading causes of the event, and even possible effects the event might have on the general public. Because newspapers provide vital information that affects the general public, getting cause and effect essay topics from the newspaper can help you handle topics that are relevant and concern the general public.

A magazine is another credible source of information. Reading health, family, or any other magazine-type can help a student brainstorm before getting a topic. A cause and effect essay usually requires supporting evidence, and therefore, reading magazines helps a student obtain facts, figures, statistics such as graphs and charts about the topic. This will make the essay more interesting and educational as it will be based on well-documented facts.

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Guidelines on How to Select the Best Cause and Effect Essay Topic

Many college students receive cause and effect essay writing as part of their school assignment or an examination. In both cases, the student is required to be good at it. Due to so many topics available at their disposal from different sources such as the internet, students usually have inadequate skills to make the best selection on the essay they would want to write about. Sometimes, with minimal exposure they have in writing a cause and effect essay, they just bump into an essay topic on the internet and start writing about it. The following tips can help guide a student on selecting the best topic to write about:

  • Relevancy – when writing an essay, the most important thing is to meet the examiner’s expectations or the audience you are writing to. This depends on whether you are a student writing to a lecturer or an examiner or non-student writing to a public audience. The first thing that will make the audience be captured in your writing is the level of relevance your topic has to their daily lives. Irrespective of your use of words that capture their attention, it is important to write about a topic that interests your audience. If you are a student, it is crucial to write about a topic that falls within your study department. If you study medicine, then a topic like the causes and effects of hospital-acquired infections on inpatients will be relevant. If you are in the field of law, then writing about the causes and effects of witness manipulation on case proceedings will be interesting as it captures what you study within your discipline. Sometimes, you might not be sure about the relevancy of the topic you plan to write about. In this case, you can consult your lecturer or the department for more explanation. You can also get past samples from the department, giving you ideas on what to write about.
  • Passion and interest – in cases where the student is not required to write about a topic tied to their department of study, then the student has the freedom to write about what interests them most. Passion is a drive toward excellence. In this scenario, the student can look into different sources of topics and choose the topic they have passion for.
  • Knowledge about the topic. In situations where the student has been provided with a list of topics to choose from, they must have adequate knowledge about the topic they want to write about. This is especially when they don’t have the time to go out and do research about the topics. This is because writing about a topic does not only require proper use of language and grammar; it also involves delivering the right information through your topic. The topic can either be persuasive or informative, and on both occasions, you must have facts and possibly statistical backing that makes you able to convince the reader. When it is a topic that your reader has good knowledge about, it is crucial to provide the right knowledge obtained from credible and well-documented sources.

Get a List of cause and effect essay topics

Depending on the discipline and the field of study, there are several topics that a student can write about. Below are some examples of the area of study and possible topic.


  1. Causes and effects of World War I
  2. Causes and effects of the Holocaust on Jews living today
  3. Effects of religion in modern society
  4. The positive effects of British colonialism on African countries
  5. Causes and effects of the American Civil War and the impact of slavery today
  6. Causes and effects of the Industrial Revolution on Agriculture
  7. Factors that led to BREXIT and its effects on its citizens.
  8. Causes of Hellenistic movements in Rome and its effects during the time of St. Paul
  9. Effects of the slave trade in the history of the Europeans.
  10. Factors that led to the French revolution and its effects.
  11. What led to the creation of national parks in the history of the United States?
  12. The causes and effects of the three battles in Korea.
  13. What led to the opening of the Suez Canal?
  14. Factors that led to the Second World War and its effects.
  15. Causes and effects of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  16. What led to the establishment of Malaysia?
  17. What led to the closing of the Suez Canal? How did it affect the users?
  18. What led to the rise of human rights activists and its effect?
  19. Causes and effects of excessive migration to the United States in the 20thC
  20. Effects of African colonialism


  1. Causes and effects of poor immunity
  2. The effects of smoking during pregnancy
  3. How a lack of moral support causes anorexia and bulimia
  4. Causes and effects of single nucleotide polymorphism on the development of cancer
  5. Effects of stress on medical workers
  6. Effects of abusing medicines
  7. Causes and effects of low immunity
  8. Causes of poor mental health among the youth
  9. Discuss how cholesterol levels predispose to cardiovascular disorders
  10. The causes of poor nursing on inpatients
  11. What causes various heart diseases
  12. How proper hygiene protects against infections
  13. The effects of alcoholic intake on the functioning of the liver
  14. How the discovery of antiretroviral drugs has affected the spread of HIV
  15. How hormonal changes cause mood swings

Social and relationships

  1. Causes and effects of divorce on minors
  2. Causes and effects of children rebelling against the family
  3. What are the outcomes of exposing children to the internet at an early age?
  4. Causes of divorce among couples in long-distance relationships
  5. Causes and effects of men’s commitment phobia
  6. What effect does feminist movement have on teenage girls’ views on dating and relationships?
  7. Causes and consequences of corruption in third world countries.
  8. Effects of poor parenting on the children
  9. Does modern society need religion? What are its possible effects on society?
  10. Oversaturation enhances the levels of poverty in a region. Discuss the causes and effects
  11. Cause and effects of solution
  12. Responsible parenthood is an asset to a nation. Explain its benefits.
  13. How is a correction facility beneficial to society?
  14. Positive effects of medical therapy in the behavioral correctional facility.
  15. What causes children to love junk food? What are the effects on their health?
  16. What are the effects of online dating?
  17. How does traveling mold one’s character
  18. How the internet influences the morality of the kids
  19. Effects of racism in society
  20. How stress affects friendships
  21. Causes of depression among married young adults
  22. How the war in the middle east affect the US
  23. Effects of social media on war and terrorism
  24. Causes of tsunami


  1. Effects of recess on elementary children.
  2. Types of punishments and their effects
  3. Effects of technology on education.
  4. Contribution of good parenting to the success of the learner.
  5. Causes and effects of high illiteracy levels
  6. Does the parent-teacher relationship affect the performance of the learner?
  7. Does religion contribute to the discipline of the student?
  8. What are the contributions of co-curricular activities to the learner performance?
  9. Challenges of learners joining school late and its effects on their class performance.
  10. Does the stability of the teacher’s family affect their relationship with learners?
  11. Effects of school dropouts on a nation.
  12. Causes and effects of overcrowding on a particular course.
  13. A new system of education should bring positive change. What are the effects of the non-piloted curriculum?
  14. Causes and effects of poor education management.
  15. Factors that lead to poor implementation of the curriculum and its effects on the nation.
  16. What are the factors to be considered before adopting a new system of education?
  17. Physical sciences and education have positive effects on a child’s cognitive development. Discuss.
  18. What are the negative social effects of homeschooling?
  19. Is standardized testing helpful to the students? Consider the effects.
  20. Management
  21. Causes and effects of poor business management.
  22. What are the results of the poor management system?
  23. Contributions of good marketing to the growth of a business.
  24. Effects of good financial reporting.
  25. What are the outcomes of dormant stakeholders to the growth of a business?
  26. Why should a manager have good entrepreneurship skills? What would be the outcome of the business?
  27. Benefits of customer loyalty to a company
  28. How single-sex classrooms affects socialization


  1. Negative effects of overproduction
  2. Effects of early agriculture in Mesopotamia
  3. Causes and effects of agrarian revolution
  4. Effects of poor farm management
  5. Effects of inorganic foods
  6. Negative effects of inorganic fertilizers
  7. The impact of Genetically Modified Organisms on agriculture


  1. Positive effects of advertising a brand image
  2. Causes and effects of one child per family regulation in China.
  3. Effects of the first language on second language acquisition.
  4. Causes and effects of copying an assignment on the level of a learner’s confidence
  5. Effects of reality shows on the audiences’ psychology and behavior
  6. Causes and outcomes of learning a foreign language
  7. Causes and effects of racism

List of Cause and Effect Essay Questions

Students encounter different questions on cause and effect essay during their learning. Some of the questions are:

  • Write about the emotional effects experienced by women involved in abusive relationships.
  • Explain the causes of domestic violence and the effects it has on the children
  • Discuss the drive behind youths’ engagement in drug abuse and its effects on their social life
  • Explain the possible causes of poor immunity and its financial impact on the family.
  • Define global warming and explain the role of global warming in climate change
  • What are the causes of relationship breakups? Discuss with relevant examples of the emotional effects of relationship breakups on both genders
  • What are the causes of motor accidents?
  • What are the factors that led to BREXIT and its possible effects?
  • Discuss how proper health program contribute to a country’s GDP
  • Explain the possible causes and effects of industrialization in the world.

How to Get Cause and Effect Essay Ideas

There are multiple ways to come up with an idea of cause and effect essay. The ways include the following:

  • One of the best ways is through personal research. Researching from different sources can help someone get an idea of what to write about. The internet provides a lot of sample papers that one can go through to obtain an idea.
  • Passion and interest. In every subject, there is an area that interests you. Pick a question from it.
  • The course outline provides an idea of a cause and effect essay since every course outline provides information on the content to be covered within a time frame.
  • You can get ideas from other people’s thesis too.
  • Classmates are also important. You can form a discussion group to brainstorm the topics.

Besides their academic work, students are also involved in extra curriculum activities, which limits the time they have to write a cause and effect essay when given an assignment. Other students have part-time jobs, which make them have little time for their academic work. Such students can use our professional cause and effect essay writing service and have their paper written for them with minimal turn around time.

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