35 Holocaust Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 18 February, 2020
Updated 20 November, 2020

Holocaust appeared to be one of the most tragic events in history. Investigating its precondition, the start, and the results make us more knowledgeable about preventing it in modern times and in the future. Searching for fresh essay topics about the holocaust? We can offer you new ones!

How to Select the Best Holocaust Essay Topic?

Wishing your essay to sound unusual and be a unique piece of writing, you need to choose the topic thoughtfully. Try to make an investigation on the chosen statement or question.

List of Holocaust Essay Topics

The Holocaust is an extensive area to investigate and analyze. It’s better if the topic resonates with you, so you will have a passion for writing on it.

  • The Holocaust, what were the preconditions that made it happen?
  • How would our modern world look like if we had never had the genocide of the Jews in our history?
  • Had ever happened similar to the Holocaust events, before the Holocaust in the 20th century?
  • Who was responsible for the Holocaust?
  • Why did the Holocaust become so fast and widely-spread?
  • Why did the German society approve of the genocide of the Jews?
  • Why do we need to study and investigate such a phenomenon as a Holocaust?
  • How did Holocaust influence on history?
  • In what ways did the global community fight against the genocide of the Jews?
  • What measures would you take to prevent the Holocaust?
  • Whom should we blame for the genocide of the Jews?
  • Do we have a similar phenomenon as the Holocaust in modern conditions?
  • Do we have the results of the Holocaust that still occur in the modern world?
  • What a vision of the Holocaust does the modern German society have?
  • Would similar-to-the-Holocaust events happen in modern Europe?
  • What makes the genocide of the Jews a unique phenomenon?
  • What is the most tragic and terrifying about the Holocaust?
  • Could we prevent the Holocaust in the early stages? How?
  • What similarities does the American-Indian Holocaust have compared with the Holocaust of the Nazis, and why is it different?
  • How has the genocide of the Jews influenced modern Israel?
  • The genocide of the Jews, is it a great loss for the Jews, or the entire world society?
  • What is a special feature of concentration camps?
  • How did the Nazi government plan to create a “new world”?
  • What are the other races that would be damaged by the Nazis?
  • What is the tactic that Nazis used to promote “race theory” to society?
  • How did the other European countries take measures (or not) against the genocide of the Jews?
  • What was the social phenomenon that caused the genocide of the Jews?
  • Why should we treat and perceive each race equally (based on such event as the Holocaust)?
  • Why can some people approve of the Holocaust?
  • What race theory did Hitler have that resulted in the Holocaust?
  • What can race ideas look the same as the ideas which led to the Holocaust?
  • What is your vision of such a phenomenon as the Holocaust?
  • How has studying the Holocaust influence on my life?
  • Why should each person in the world know about the Holocaust?
  • How can we prevent similar to Holocaust situations in the future?

Holocaust Essay Ideas on How to Make your Text Unique

Wondering how to make your essay about the Holocaust sound fresh and unusual? Here are some tips on how to build up a strong essay structure about the genocide of the Jews.

  • Try to provide your vision on your essay’s topic, making it not general, but more individual. How to do so? Use your examples of your perceive the Holocaust phenomenon, how much it influences your day-to-day life.
  • Before writing the essay, do deep research. Use not only well-known facts about the Holocaust but try to add some special information. You find it in the diaries of the genocide victims and even some Nazi leaders.
  • You can make a compare-and-contrast essay, where you will analyze the similarities and differences of the Nazi regime’s genocide and the other similar social phenomenon (American-Indian genocide, Cambodian Genocide, Black Holocausts, etc.)
  • You may choose to analyze the art based on the Holocaust (books, paints, photography, films) to make it unique, read similar essays on the topic, and avoid repeating the ideas.
  • You can analyze the modern situation that you believe is the result of the Holocaust. Use news, read articles on the topic, find many sources of information, and create a fresh paper.
  • Try to illustrate. Use not only bare facts but also try to draw a picture of the events to make your essay more emotional.
  • Try to find people who suffered during the Holocaust or their descents. You can do a small interview that will let people know more unique facts about the Holocaust.
  • You can investigate your family; maybe you will find something related to WW2. Try to make a connection between you and the Holocaust.
  • Remember, such a phenomenon as the Holocaust influences on each person, as a crime against humanity. Try to provide strong reasons why we should never forget it.
  • Investigate the topic from different points of view, as if you are Winston Churchill, an American soldier, one of the Nazi leaders, a victim of the Genocide.

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