65 Illustration Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 20 February, 2020
Updated 20 November, 2020

Having an illustration essay assignment to complete, you might face the problem of choosing the most unusual and catching attention topic for your paper. This kind of writings requires explicit explanations based on either on data or your experience.

How to Select the Best Illustration Essay Topic?

Using your real-life examples will help you to make a unique essay while operating with some data and statistics will make the arguments sound strong. Dig on the internet to find essays on the same topic, read them, and try to eliminate the similarities with your essay. Refresh your ideas, investigate in different angles of view, and make it creatively! Choose the essay topics about illustration that will resonate with you, which you will investigate with pleasure.

List of Illustration Essay Topics

Searching for fresh ideas for your illustration essay? We can offer you some illustration essay topics.

  • Write an essay on how to stay in tune with yourself.
  • Describe your experience on how to keep a study-life balance.
  • How do you recover your energy level?
  • How to stay motivated?
  • How do you set your goals? How do we need to set the primary goals?
  • How do you manage your time?
  • Describe how to fight against procrastination and what tips can you give to other students?
  • What is procrastination? Is it good for you, or not?
  • How do you make social connections and tips on how to do it in a better way?
  • Describe how you manage your sleep. Is it important for students to have enough sleep?
  • How to find the best part-time job? Write about your part-time job experience.
  • How do social media influence our life?
  • Write an essay on how to choose a college or university to study?
  • Write on how to keep respectful and trustworthy relationships with parents.
  • Describe your experience in choosing a hobby. Can a hobby become your future profession?

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Illustration Essay Topics on a Social Problem

Writing an illustration essay on social problems requires some research. Try to find some investigations, read the news, and analyze the satiation from different angles. You can add the illustration based on your experience. However, it would be better to complement with some data. Here are some topics:

  • Should the government create free colleges and universities?
  • How to eliminate social inequality in the current conditions?
  • How can we create an effective and free healthcare system for all people?
  • What are the problems of the current healthcare system?
  • How to eliminate racial discrimination? Do we have it?
  • How to solve the problem with the school shootings?
  • Legal guns, do we need them in our society?
  • What is Crab Mentality? Do we have it in our society?
  • What laws can help us to fight against alcoholism?
  • Do we need abortion laws?

College Level Illustration Essay Topics

Writing a college illustration essay, you may use the topics that are close to educational aria. Here you may find some ideas on the topics:

  • Describe how to choose your future college.
  • Write about the part-time working experience being a college student.
  • How to increase the efficiency of your college studying?
  • What problems can students face during studying in college?
  • Is it good to allow your parents to choose a college for you?
  • How not to become overwhelmed but still achieve great results?
  • Describe what the difference between studying hard and studying smart is?
  • Give the best advice for fresh students. What advice would you dream to get before getting into college life?
  • Write on how to be a college student to save your money?
  • How do you think it is better to be a college or a university student? Why?

Illustration Essay Topics on Sports

Even if you are far from any sport, you may need to write an illustration essay based on sports topics. Try to find the one which sounds the most captivating for you:

  • Why do we need to have sports activities in addition to mental activities?
  • How do physical exercises help you in achieving better academic results?
  • How do you think a football team can cooperate most effectively?
  • How to choose the sport to take up?
  • How often do you need to train to stay in good physical shape?
  • Describe how to create a training menu that feeds your body with all the necessary ingredients effectively.
  • How to combine sport and studying or sport and work?
  • Describe how much water do you during before/after/while training, why is it important to keep the water balance?
  • Describe a perfect football player, how to train to become one?
  • Write about why to choose swimming for people with weight problems.

Good Illustration Essay Topics

Here you may find some controversial yet deserving-your-attention topics:

  • Does reading make up cleverer?
  • Should we ban legalizing guns?
  • Working hard or working smart, what is the difference, what is better?
  • Sleeping 5 hours per day, can it be healthy or not?
  • Does our government work effectively?
  • Do we need to attain a degree to achieve financial success?
  • Are successful people happy?
  • Do we need Apple products in our life?
  • The problems cancer patients face in the U.S.
  • Do we need a strong military that leads to huge financing?

Illustration Essay Ideas to Write a Fresh Paper

If all the topics in the article haven’t impressed you yet, you may check the ideas on how to make your essay unique based on your personality:

  • A vivid traveler? Write about why do we need to travel abroad?
  • Are you interested in human rights? Create an essay about transgender rights, why do we need them?
  • Love training? Write about good eating; should we eat before or after exercise?
  • If you have some experience with dieting, you can share it. Keeping a diet, does everyone need to have one?
  • You can describe your working experience, providing helpful advice.
  • Do you have experience in building a strong win-to-win relationship with your partner? Share your tips.
  • Are you into a business? Write about its peculiarities, giving helpful guidelines about it.
  • Are you experienced in IT? Write about the skills you have, how to develop a program on your own?
  • Have pets? Great! Share some experience about how to make the life of your pets better.
  • Can you cope with your fears? Share your experience. The essay will become an outstanding piece of information.

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