How to Write a Marketing Essay

Susan Wilson, 25 February, 2020
Updated 20 November, 2020

A marketing essay is a composition intended to promote particular goods/services. One might think that drafting this paper is similar to writing the typical five-paragraph essay. However, there are various factors to consider while writing this kind of writing. These range from:

  • The formatting
  • Outline
  • Structure
  • The introduction
  • Body section
  • Conclusion

Students usually face various challenges while drafting such a composition. For instance, some are poor at writing. As such, they are unable to articulate themselves on paper effectively. Others do not have the proper research and reading skills. This prevents them from obtaining enough content required to attain high scores. Such students can significantly benefit from marketing essay tips.

Others are extremely slow in writing. They consume much time undertaking research and crafting their essays. Subsequently, they often submit their papers past the set deadline. Usually, this attracts punitive actions from their supervisors.

Excessive academic workloads can put a strain on a student’s energy. As such, he/she cannot focus properly on homework assignments. It is, therefore, a necessity to outsource some of the academic work to freelance academic writers. However, it is usually advisable to first conduct thorough research about a company’s credibility before hiring its services. Numerous online firms advertise amazing academic help but end up delivering inferior quality work. Worse still, they charge expensively.

What Is a Marketing Essay? Get to Know All It Entails

The correct marketing essay definition is a composition that focuses on identifying consumers’ needs and elaborating methodologies that can be used to adequately address them. But what is marketing? Marketing is a comprehensive procedure that involves the processes of communication, promotion, delivery, and placement of goods & services.

There are four important marketing principles commonly known as the four Ps of marketing, or only “the marketing mix.” These include placement, pricing, product, & promotion. Promotion refers to the process of disseminating information about products and services through activities such as offers, discounts, audiovisual, and print adverts. Most people usually confuse between promotion and marketing. Development only deals with the spreading of information, whereas marketing refers to all the four processes combined.

Placement refers to strategically locating your product to make it more visible. It also involves delivery. Pricing is setting the appropriate price concerning existing competition and the purchasing power of the consumer. Lastly, the product is the actual item or service you intend to sell.

As you write the composition, you need to consider all the above factors to come up with a solid marketing strategy. This calls for sound market research as well as proper knowledge of various forces acting within a given market.

A Guide on How to Write a Good Marketing Essay

If you want to write a good piece, it is essential to take the right notes while attending classroom lectures. Take note of the critical concepts of marketing and types of market structures. Apart from notes, conduct further research to widen your perspective on the subject.

You can read textbooks, marketing websites, journals, newspapers, and magazines. These information sources can assist you in gaining knowledge about the latest marketing trends. If you are not sure of anything, always consult your tutor or hold group discussions with classmates. Through these processes, you will obtain numerous ideas that will deepen your insight into the topic.

Another option is to consult experts within the field of marketing to obtain essential tips and advice on how to come up with a remarkable paper. This can tremendously enhance your chances of attaining the highest possible grades.

As you write the essay, do not just mention concepts. Support them using credible facts, statistics, or examples. Do not forget to provide relevant citations to any cited information. Failure to do this will result in accusations of plagiarism. As such, you could get expulsion from your academic program.

Expert Tips for Writing a Marketing Essay

If you do not know the steps involved in drafting your essay on marketing, you would greatly benefit from expert marketing essay guidelines. During your market research, get to know the market patterns/dynamics, consumer preferences, existing products, current prices, etc.

Identify a market niche, i.e., a need that has currently not been met within the market. Next, give a comprehensive description of your product as well as your strongest competitors. Your paper also needs to have a brief mission statement in which you summarize details such as key market, your product and what sets you apart from the rest.

The composition needs to describe the market strategies you intend to employ. You can consider the following:

  • Direct marketing
  • Training programs
  • Networking
  • Direct sales
  • Publicity
  • Social media marketing

Remember to state your pricing strategy and the goals you aim to achieve within the program.

Lastly, conduct a follow-up on all results you obtain from the program. This will enable you to understand the strategies that worked and those that did not. After that, you can readjust your marketing campaign accordingly.

How Can I Create a Marketing Essay Outline

First, you need to prepare your outline while researching your paper. A framework consists of summarized points you obtained from your literature review. Ensure that all aspects that are related fall under one sub-topic.

When you write your points, only note down the essential details. Meanwhile, you should also create a list of all the sources utilized during research. This information is what will comprise your bibliography.

What Is the Appropriate Marketing Essay Structure?

In most cases, your composition structure will depend upon the instruction manual issued by your faculty or instructor. For this reason, it is always essential to go through the essay rubric to understand the required marketing essay format before you write the composition.

Nevertheless, the general structure of such a composition must include:

  • A beginning
  • Body sections
  • A culmination/conclusion

Each original idea needs to be discussed in its unique paragraph or under subtitle. Begin every design with an opening statement. After that, proceed to offer more insight/details about it.

Learn How to Start a Marketing Essay Effectively

Some writers usually find it challenging to commence an essay due to a lack of pre-planning. Ensure that you have adequately prepared your outline and stick to the points within it. Introduce the reader to the subject before going into the core discussion. Some students immediately discuss their main issues without a suitable introduction. This makes them lose valuable scores.

How to Write a Marketing Essay Introduction

Your introduction needs to begin with a hook. This is a phrase intended to capture the audience’s attention and stimulate their curiosity. After that, write your thesis statement. This is a sentence that gives a general overview of what the composition is all about. You can also add some background information within the first paragraph.

Writing the Marketing Essay Body

The body section includes your main discussion points.  Each point needs to be in its paragraph. You can also add subtitles depending on the information you want to communicate.

How to End a Marketing Essay

At the culmination of your paper, you only need to recap all the points you discussed in the article. Just give a summary of the most points. Do not repeat most of the details. State the potential benefits of adopting your proposed marketing methods.

How to Write a Marketing Essay Conclusion

In the conclusive paragraph, restate the thesis statement in different words. Convince the reader why your marketing strategy will yield the desired results.

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