How to Write an Argumentative Essay: Complete Guide

Susan Wilson, 26 May, 2019
Updated 20 November, 2020

Argumentative essays are a common phenomenon for students at all levels of education. They are used by professors to determine the students’ ability to defend their point of view on a given subject or topic. Though they may look easy when you look at the question presented from afar, there is much work involved. You need to know that professors do not just award grades. Your performance is based on the quality of the paper you present and how good you are when it comes to persuading the readers that your argument is the best. To stand out, you need to argue with facts and not just hearsay. That means you have to do your research appropriately.

As much as those students find the tasks of this nature easy to do, most of them find the demands overwhelming, and they may do with a bit of help here and there. Regardless of which class of students you are or the level of dedication you have towards academic work, here are the tips that can help you with these essays.

What Is an Argumentative Essay? Get the Facts

It is impossible to work on what you do not know. This is why it is good to get the argumentative essay definition before working on any essay question issued by your professor. In life, you must have been in a situation that required people to take sides or a subject in which people have different standpoints based on the information each person already has. An argumentative essay is an opportunity for you to persuade the professor that your perspective on a given issue is what should be adopted. For that to happen, you need to be conversant with the topic or subject you choose to write on, choose the side that you want to defend, have your facts and present your side of the argument. Anything short of that is not worth a good grade. To further understand what you should do for the best content, read the information in this article.

How to Start an Argumentative Essay Expertly

How you begin any task determines the quality of the final piece. That is a fact that applies even to the argumentative essays. To ensure that you write a piece that you can confidently present to the professor, consider these things:

  • Pick on a subject you can handle

The secret to writing a nice piece begins with the choice of the subject. Many things should determine the topic you choose. The first is what you know on that subject. Pick something you already have an idea of how to defend. Being an argumentative essay, take a subject you have a strong stand on. Secondly, ensure the scope of the topic is something you can defend within the paper’s confines. Simply put, the scope should neither be too narrow nor too broad. Getting content for a narrow topic is hard. On the other hand, it is hard to fit your argument within the paper’s context when the topic is too broad.

  • Have a plan

Another mistake that you should avoid is to write a paper without the knowledge of the procedure to follow. Always know in advance what activity should be done before the next as you write the argumentative essay. You should not spend too much time doing one thing and overlook another important aspect of writing. Create and allocate enough time to do the research, write the paper, and carefully proofread the content produced.

  • Do Your Research

You cannot just write provided you reach the expected word count. You have to present the facts. That is exactly where the value of research comes in. Start by determining the best sources of information based on the topic you are expected to deal with. Go to the library and look for books, journals, and articles prepared by reputable authors. Get a place where you can study and understand the subject. Write down short notes so that you do not miss anything in the writing process.

How to Structure an Argumentative Essay Professionally

The structure of the argumentative essay may vary depending on the topic you have and the professor’s instructions. Generally, you are expected to look at the subject from both sides of the argument and persuade the readers why your standpoints, justified based on the facts you have. To make the work easier, present an argument with the knowledge of how to deal with the counterarguments. For every idea you present, have the supporting evidence and facts.

Tips to Make the Argumentative Essay Structure Better

Haphazard content can piss off even the most accommodative professor. That is why you need to make the content more compressible based on how you present the ideas. First, each paragraph should discuss one idea. The argument should be exhaustively discussed before you move to the next. That way, you make it easy for the readers to follow your line of thought.

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Work on the Argumentative Essay Outline

Before you begin the writing process, you have to know the ideas that you want to write in the essay. Decide on what is good enough for the final paper. If you feel anything should not make it to the final paper, leave it out. Decide on what to write in the introduction, arrange the ideas, present them, and wrap up with a nice conclusion.

What to Include in the Argumentative Essay Introduction

Here, the writer should have background information on your subject. Begin with a question, alarming statistic, or a fun fact. From the start, the reader should feel attracted to the piece you prepare. Through the thesis statement, the reader should know the point of view you intend to defend in the argumentative essay’s body.

The Perfect Argumentative Essay Body

This is the longest part of the essay, where you present the ideas and facts to support your stance. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence to direct the reader to what you intend to discuss. Follow it with the explanations and relevant examples. Ensure the subject is tacked sufficiently.

Write a Breathtaking Argumentative Essay Conclusion

Here, you should give a summary of the information in the essay body. However, you should be cautious so that you do not sound repetitive. Give your final thoughts on the subject as well without introducing any new argument.

Tips on How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay

The point here is to ensure that your ideas flow. Therefore, you pick on ideas that you can perfectly defend. Avoid including complicated arguments that you barely understand. For perfection, ensure it is easy to follow your ideas. Besides, adhere to the argumentative essay guidelines from the professor.

Additional Tips for Writing an Argumentative Essay

The point is to ensure that the readers can understand you. For that reason, use simple language. Even for the technical terms, simplify them for the readers. Use a variety of sentences to make your content flow.

How to End an Argumentative Essay Piece

One of the most crucial argumentative essay tips as you finish the work is to ensure that you proofread your piece. Ensure that the information you present to the professor is relevant. The sections should also be consistent. Correct all the mistakes in the paragraphs, sentences, and words. The final piece should be exquisite.


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