60 Music Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 28 January, 2020
Updated 20 November, 2020

Everyone loves different types of musical genres, but your preferences are not the only thing that your teacher may ask to cover in an essay. Tackling various issues, from classical to modern music, one should explain several cornerstones instead of trying to come up with a generalized essay. There are many topics to choose from, as this subject is a part of any culture.

Students may have to cover such aspects in an essay for English, arts, literature, history, and many other classes. It is about time to determine which topics and ideas you should think about when working on this paper.

How to Select the Best Music Essay Topic: Hints and Tricks

To have a good grasp of the relevant information and pick the ideas to discuss, the student should take these steps:

  • Study the prompt and requirements from a teacher carefully;
  • Surf the web or work in the college library to get more familiar with the preferred essay topics;
  • Make a list of all possible ideas based on the available materials;
  • Immerse themselves in the related, up-to-date information;
  • Look for some extra insights;
  • Listen to the records or watch video clips with live performances.

You have plenty of work ahead. This academic subject only seems easy, but when it comes to writing an essay on one of the related topics, a student may face a writer’s block. In fact, one can get stuck even at the initial stage of choosing the topics.

Once a student makes sure that they have enough study materials and sources, including the necessary tracks, making a final choice regarding the essay topics is possible. Sometimes, reading the news on social media platforms or discussing various ideas with friends may give a clue. Do not forget to show the topics to a teacher so that they can either confirm/approve them or say that you have to look for a different one. Hopefully, the list of subjects in this post will help with your essay writing.

List of Music Essay Topics

First, we want to offer essay topics about music from mixed categories. For your convenience, we will divide the ideas into the classes further in the text:

  • How can a correctly chosen track help the advertising/commercial?
  • Commercial vs. non-commercial acts
  • Kiwi Cultural Events in New Zealand: what is it all about?
  • How do they select winners at the Grammy Awards?
  • Music and cinematography: the close relationship
  • Can rap be actually called a musical genre?
  • The process of writing lyrics for a musical track
  • Are electronic, and club tracks destroying the traditional music?
  • Is there really the simplest musical instrument to master?
  • The most effective techniques for vocal improvements tested by time

10 Good World Music Essay Topics

The cultures and traditions are different everywhere. We can say the same about musical concepts. Discuss one of the given topics in your essay:

  • The correlation between human behavior and actions and musical preferences
  • Learning to play a musical instrument: the main challenges
  • Can one start singing at any age without special education?
  • Top famous musicians who used to be self-learners
  • Can we say that “Queen” used to be the most popular band of all time?
  • The way jazz reflects American history and mentality.
  • The differences between the eastern and western perception of musical compositions
  • Traditional musical instruments in China
  • The best channels for promoting pop bands
  • The US laws against copying tracks from the internet: effective or no?

10 Unique Western Music Essay Topics

Western art is mostly associated with the US, the UK, and some other regions. It has a short yet rick history, so one may think about choosing one of the provided topics for their essay:

  • Three main features that make a country as a genre stand out
  • How was the anthem of the United States written and distributed?
  • The major recording labels in the US
  • Top-five most popular genres in America today
  • The increasing trend in digital music on the West
  • Classical and modern Western music: the evolution
  • The contribution of Miles Davis to the Afro-American musical history
  • Gangsta rap as an example of social culture
  • The way hip-hop influences contemporary Western musicians
  • Are there more opportunities for the bands in the West than the rest of the world?

10 Original Rock Music Essay Topics

Rock and metal are, perhaps, the most contradictive musical genres. While some people believe that rock bands are the root of all evil, others try to prove that listening to rock is a sign of high intelligence and literacy rate:

  • Is it true that intelligent people mostly prefer rock and metal compositions?
  • The origins of rock’n’roll and its further development
  • The loud period of glam metal: 80s in the United States
  • The significance of The Beatles for the world’s music fond
  • What are the core differences between hard rock and heavy metal?
  • The concept of religion in the songs of “Black Sabbath.”
  • Why is drug-taking often associated with rock musicians?
  • The primary differences between acoustic and electro guitars
  • Theories about the death of Kurt Cobain
  • In-depth analysis of Queen’s “Show Must Go On.”

10 Curious Renaissance Music Essay Topics

Renaissance is one of the most distinguished and influential periods of human history. It has a huge meaning for the development of arts, and here are the top topics to get inspired:

  • The key features of the Renaissance Music
  • What does the “term” Renaissance stand for?
  • How has the Renaissance music and epoch impacted modern culture?
  • How did the composers of that time reflect the Protestant Reformation?
  • Secular vs. sacred compositions: differences and similarities
  • Modal counterpoint as the major composition technique
  • Credo from four-part Mass by William Bird: Structure analysis
  • Vocal music vs. instrumental compositions of the Renaissance epoch
  • The role of the Catholic Church in the Renaissance music formation
  • The life and main works of Monteverdi

10 Excellent Music Essay Ideas

After brainstorming, you may come up with a list of ideas to include in an essay. Ideas sound broader than topics, so make sure to narrow them down before forming a final title:

  • Middle ages composers
  • Different genres
  • The top-selling music artists of the XX century
  • The rarest musical instruments
  • Roles of different band members
  • The meaning of musical tracks in the cinema
  • Sociology, psychology, and music
  • The political power of some musical tracks
  • Emo and emocore bands and suicide
  • The best musical tracks for relaxation and recovery

Right, different musical compositions may serve for various purposes. While some of them may destroy a human being, others make one want to live and inspire the whole generations. Students who do not want to write an essay for the music class for any reason may count on the help of qualified essay writers. We offer music essay writing services for English-speaking learners worldwide, and our team is ready to pick the best topics and compose brilliant papers for our clients at any time!

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