35 Crime and Punishment Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 28 January, 2020
Updated 20 November, 2020

To handle Crime and Punishment topics effectively, you should grasp the content contained in the text. There are several areas you can be asked to handle. They include the various themes handled by the author, the characters in the book, and how they affect the plot, literary devices used, and the story’s settings, among others. The most crucial thing is to ensure that the content you prepare is related to the topic. Moreover, you should comprehensively write on the subject. An incomplete crime and punishment essay is already an indication that you are not serious about the task.

When the topics are not issued, you are expected to come up with one on your own. Although it may be challenging to decide on the topics, it gives you the freedom to prepare an essay that you are comfortable with.

How to Select the Best Crime and Punishment Essay Topic?

Topic choice is usually a challenge for most students. However, some strategies can help you select the best topics. You can begin with something broad. Narrow down to several topics from the main ones. From your list, you can begin eliminating the ones you are not interested in. When you are left with a list of 3-5 topics, pick the one you are sure to handle comfortably.

There are specific characteristics that your essay topics about crime and punishment should meet. First, it has to be interesting. Secondly, ensure you can write it well. Most importantly, it has to be relevant. With the right topic, every writing process flows seamlessly.

List of Crime and Punishment Essay Topics for Students

Are you worried about the topics that you can comfortably handle? Below is a list that you can consider before you begin the essay writing process.

  • The author’s perception of crime
  • Top reasons that make the death of Svidrigailov dignified
  • Ways in which women are portrayed in the story
  • Value of freedom as assessed in Crime and Punishment
  • Assessment of law in the book
  • Ways in which Christianity is perceived in the story
  • Similarities between Svidrigailov and Raskolnikov
  • Distinct aspects between Raskolnikov and Svidrigailov
  • Presentation of the theme of crime and punishment in the book
  • Relationship between enforcement and justice in the book
  • Things that drive people to murder according to the story
  • Deception in Crime and Punishment
  • The portrayal of nihilism in the book
  • Relationship between Razumihin and Raskolnikov and how it develops throughout the story
  • The admirable character traits of Dounia
  • Reasons Raskolnikov is considered a contradictory character
  • Ways in which suspense is created throughout the plot of the book
  • Socialist’s view of crime in the book
  • The main reasons Svidrigailov is considered vile
  • Impact of the dream by Svidrigailov on the plot of this story
  • The portrayal of God in Crime and Punishment
  • Reasons why the city is essential in the story
  • Usage of foreshadowing to send the message in the story
  • Religious redemption and how it is handled in the book
  • The theme of guilt as handled in Crime and Punishment
  • Prominent law issues that are tackled in Crime and Punishment
  • Reasons that make Raskolnikov take himself as someone superior
  • Factors that drive Svidrigailov to kill himself
  • Usage of Epilogue in the whole story
  • Use of irony in the development of the plot
  • Incidences that show Raskolnikov’s life is full of crises
  • A close look at what attracts Raskolnikov to Sonya
  • Ways in which apartment description helps a reader understand the story better
  • Egoism and how it is approached in Crime and Punishment
  • Impacts of pride on Raskolnikov

Applicable Crime and Punishment Essay Ideas

Here are the practical essay ideas that you can comfortably apply in the preparation of the essay:

  • The historical setting of Crime and Punishment
  • Main themes discussed by the author
  • How the different characters contribute to the development of the plot
  • How the book can change the perception of the readers towards crime
  • The main character in the plot and their impacts on the storyline
  • The language used and its effectiveness in communicating the message
  • Main reasons the book is considered a masterpiece
  • Perception of the author towards the legal system
  • Retrogressive as highlighted in Crime and Punishment
  • Court system and how the author perceives it

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With these topics and ideas, making your choice should be more comfortable.

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