100+ Nursing Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 27 January, 2020
Updated 8 November, 2023

What is a Nursing Essay?

A nursing essay is a piece of academic writing that explores specific topics related to nursing, patient care, healthcare, or any other relevant subject. These essays serve a dual purpose: to enhance the writer’s knowledge about the topic and to provide insights into current nursing practices and challenges. Such essays require thorough research, critical thinking, and a deep understanding of both theoretical concepts and practical implications.

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A Quick Guide on How to Choose a Nursing Essay Topic

Selecting the right topic for your nursing essay is crucial for its success. Here’s a brief guide to help you:

  1. Interest & Passion: Choose a topic you’re passionate about. Your enthusiasm will reflect in your writing.
  2. Relevance: Ensure the topic is relevant to current healthcare trends, challenges, or the specific course you’re pursuing.
  3. Scope for Research: A good essay is backed by solid research. Ensure there’s enough information available on your chosen topic.
  4. Practical Implications: Ideally, select a topic that has real-world significance in the nursing field. This adds depth to your essay.

Engaging Nursing Essay Topics Lists

Patient Care & Interaction

  • The importance of patient-nurse communication.
  • Ethical dilemmas faced by nurses in patient care.
  • The role of empathy in nursing practice.

Technological Advancements in Nursing

  • The impact of telehealth on nursing practices.
  • Integrating artificial intelligence in nursing.
  • Wearable technology and its influence on patient care.

Healthcare Policies & Nursing

  • Analyzing the effects of healthcare reforms on nursing practices.
  • The role of nursing in shaping healthcare policies.
  • Addressing understaffing issues in nursing.

Nursing Education & Training

  • The significance of continuous learning in nursing.
  • Challenges faced by nursing students and possible solutions.
  • The future of nursing education: A blended learning approach?

Mental Health & Nursing

  • The role of nurses in addressing mental health issues.
  • Coping strategies for nurses dealing with job-related stress.
  • Integrating mental health training in nursing curriculum.

Global Health & Nursing

  • Nursing practices in the face of global health crises.
  • Cross-cultural nursing: Challenges and opportunities.
  • The role of nurses in global health campaigns.

Specialized Nursing Fields

  • Pediatric nursing: Challenges and rewards.
  • The evolving role of surgical nurses.
  • Oncology nursing: Providing care and comfort.

Nursing Leadership & Management

  • The importance of leadership skills in nursing.
  • Strategies for effective nursing team management.
  • The role of nurses in hospital administration.

Patient Care Dynamics

  • The transformation of patient-nurse relationships over the decades.
  • Bridging the gap: Overcoming language barriers in patient care.
  • How do cultural differences influence patient-nurse interactions?

Innovations in Nursing

  • The role of virtual reality in patient rehabilitation.
  • Impacts of electronic health records on nursing efficiency.
  • The growing importance of mobile health apps in nursing practices.

Pediatric & Neonatal Care

  • The unique challenges of neonatal nursing.
  • Pediatric pain management: Best practices and challenges.
  • Psychological support for children with chronic diseases.

Nursing & Chronic Illness

  • Managing long-term care for Alzheimer’s patients.
  • The nurse’s role in diabetes education and management.
  • Strategies for handling patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Elderly Care & Geriatric Nursing

  • Best practices for handling age-related mental health issues.
  • The challenges of geriatric nursing in a rapidly aging society.
  • Ethical considerations in end-of-life care.

Mental Health Nursing

  • Approaches to handling patients with depression.
  • Nursing practices for managing schizophrenia.
  • Addressing substance abuse: The role of the nurse.

Community & Public Health Nursing

  • The role of community nurses in health education campaigns.
  • Addressing health disparities through community nursing.
  • Nursing strategies for infectious disease control in communities.

Critical Care & Emergency Nursing

  • Best practices in trauma care: A nursing perspective.
  • The psychological impact of emergency nursing.
  • Strategies for efficient triage in emergency departments.

Nursing Ethics & Professionalism

  • Navigating the complex world of medical ethics in nursing.
  • Balancing patient autonomy with medical advisement.
  • Confidentiality concerns in the digital age.

Oncology & Palliative Care

  • The evolving role of nurses in cancer care.
  • Palliative care strategies for terminal illnesses.
  • Psychological support strategies for cancer patients and their families.

Midwifery & Women’s Health

  • The changing landscape of midwifery practices.
  • Addressing women’s reproductive health: The role of nurses.
  • Best practices in prenatal and postnatal nursing care.

Orthopedic & Surgical Nursing

  • Preoperative and postoperative nursing strategies.
  • Challenges in orthopedic nursing: From rehabilitation to chronic pain management.
  • Innovations in surgical nursing and their impacts.

Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice

  • The significance of evidence-based practices in modern nursing.
  • Challenges and solutions in nursing research methodologies.
  • The future of data-driven practices in nursing.

Holistic Nursing Practices

  • Integrating alternative medicine into mainstream nursing care.
  • The significance of spirituality in nursing.
  • Benefits and challenges of holistic nursing in modern healthcare.

Nursing & Technology

  • The impact of telemedicine on nursing practices.
  • Using augmented reality for patient education.
  • The pros and cons of robotic assistance in nursing care.

Occupational Health Nursing

  • The role of nurses in promoting workplace wellness.
  • Addressing mental health issues in corporate settings.
  • Strategies for handling work-related injuries and illnesses.

Nursing Leadership & Advocacy

  • Enhancing leadership skills among nurse practitioners.
  • The role of nurses in healthcare policy advocacy.
  • Strategies for promoting inter-professional collaboration in healthcare settings.

Nursing in Pandemics & Epidemics

  • Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic for nursing professionals.
  • The role of nurses in epidemic preparedness and response.
  • Strategies for mental health support for nurses during health crises.

Forensic Nursing & Legal Implications

  • The expanding field of forensic nursing: Roles and responsibilities.
  • Legal and ethical challenges in forensic nursing.
  • Collaborative practices between nurses and law enforcement agencies.

Nursing Education & Curriculum Development

  • Incorporating digital literacy into nursing curriculum.
  • The benefits of simulation-based learning in nursing education.
  • Addressing the gap between academic learning and practical training in nursing schools.

Public Perception & Nursing Image

  • Overcoming stereotypes associated with the nursing profession.
  • The impact of media representation on public perception of nurses.
  • Promoting nursing as a gender-inclusive profession.

Rural Health & Nursing

  • Challenges and rewards of nursing in rural communities.
  • Strategies to improve healthcare accessibility in remote areas.
  • Bridging the technology gap in rural healthcare settings.

Nursing Burnout & Well-being

  • Identifying early signs of burnout among nursing professionals.
  • Strategies for promoting mental well-being among nurses.
  • The importance of work-life balance in the nursing profession.

Environmental Health & Nursing

  • The nurse’s role in addressing environmental health issues.
  • Impacts of climate change on healthcare and nursing practices.
  • Strategies for nursing care during natural disasters.

Global Health & Travel Nursing

  • Adapting nursing practices for different cultural contexts.
  • The challenges and rewards of travel nursing.
  • The role of nurses in global health diplomacy.

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