35 Cold War Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 26 January, 2020
Updated 20 November, 2020

The Cold war is an event that had an influence even on nations that were far away. When you have a task of this nature to prepare, you have to be cautious to produce the quality that deserves an impressive grade. Everything begins with your topic. If you choose a good one, the essay can be more qualitative. Otherwise, a complicated topic only makes it hard for you to prepare a piece you like.

How to Select the Best Cold War Essay Topic?

Most people find it hard to choose suitable essay topics. This is because they are inexperienced or lack the required level of creativity. When picking topics in this area, it should be something that you can write comfortably. For example, take a subject that you have the drive to write about. That way, it becomes easier to get the content and organize the information in an understandable format for the professor.

The other factor that should guide your topic choice is the scope. In other words, do not take an area that is too broad to write in your essay context. Similarly, avoid narrow topics. Such can only make it hard for you to complete the task.

Comprehensive List of Cold War Essay Topics

Wondering about the topics you should select for your essay? Here is a list that can give you the much-needed inspiration for generating good questions:

  • How the clash affected the Vietnam War
  • Actions by the United States that Made the Soviet Union feel threatened
  • The effects of the scuffle on North Korean Citizens
  • The Policies in Russia that raised the concerns of the Americans
  • The Cold War and its impact on the Korean War
  • The relationship between the Cold War and the Cuban Revolution
  • Comprehensive details on the Red Scare
  • Methods that could have been used to avoid the fight
  • The main reasons the conflict was unavoidable
  • Participation of the United States in the fight
  • The transformation of Berlin during the scuffle
  • The differences between the Cold War and the WW II
  • Communism and the role it played in the scuffle
  • A detailed analysis of the happenings during the battle
  • Racism and how it affected the scuffle
  • The significance of the battle to Global history
  • How Latin America was affected by the scuffle
  • President Reagan and his role in stopping the continuation of the fight
  • The process of reconstruction after the scuffle
  • The main factors which contributed to the ending of the fight
  • Nuclear Power and its impact on the fight
  • The varied ideologies that led to the occurrence of the scuffle
  • Crucial events that took place during the scuffle
  • The role played by the African nations during the fight
  • Negative consequences of the battle

Appropriate Cold War Decolonization Essay Topics

When you need topics that you can comfortably write, here are the types you should select:

  • Perception of the European nations on the Cold War
  • Reasons why the scuffle ended peacefully
  • The role of the minority groups during the fight
  • How the United Nations handles the events of the fight
  • Changes in terrorism operations since the end of the fight
  • Responsibility of Stalin in the spread of the Cold War
  • Yalta Conference and how it affected the clash
  • How the Cold War affected the United States’ homeland security
  • Political events that fueled the battle
  • Why most people felt the battle period was not pleasant

Cold War Essay Ideas

For ideas that can lead to the creation of a masterpiece, here is a list:

  • The nations with the highest level of influence during the Cold War
  • Reasons the fight is Always remembered
  • Factors that fueled the clash
  • The most influential people during the battle and their impact
  • The ideas which changed the course of the Cold War
  • The cold war and Women rights
  • How children were affected by the battle
  • How Chile was affected by the Cold War
  • How the cold war influenced global politics
  • The reasons why nuclear weapons were limited during the battle

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