35 Odyssey Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 25 January, 2020
Updated 20 November, 2020

Odyssey is a complex literature piece. It is a tough subject that will require you to understand it to write a comprehensive paper fully. Odyssey’s topic is an epic poem with Greek ancient that is credited to Homer. Our company knows that odyssey can be such a difficult topic to cover and offer our help to see to it that you have completed your assignment and submitted an academically satisfactory piece.

We shall provide you with a list of topics related to this subject to help you in writing your essay with ease. The subject is broad as the poem talks of ten years of a hero, who did brave actions without fear and encountered adventurous problems while looking for his way back home.  The Odysseus is seen losing hope and regaining his strengths and can overcome all the hindrances he faced.

Can I Learn How to Select the Best Odyssey Essay Topic?

It is easy, of course, with our assistance. We will help you pick an interesting and helpful topic that will not be boring. You have a thousand topics to pick from, but only a few should appear in your Odyssey essay paper. Here are a few steps that should help you in writing your essay:

  • Take an argumentative point on the suffering, the pain inflicted by Homer in his journey, and argue out the possibility that he endured throughout the Odyssey.
  • Take keen note in the different roles of the gods and the heroes with the ordinary people. This is a great topic as you get to write about the Telemachus and the people from Ithaca.
  • Learn about the female line in the Odyssey, which signifies a role to write about that describes the goddess Greek woman’s behavior and attractiveness.
  • Understand the Penelope character from what is a complex quality of a perfect wife, and what the Penelope must cope with in bringing up a little child.
  • Be able to select an essay topic where you can analyze the gods’ role and their power over the people.
  • Be able to understand who Telemachus is and his significance in the Odyssey to the people of Ithaca.

List of Odyssey Essay Topics for Easy Selection

If, after construing the above section, you still feel stuck and not able to select an Odyssey topic to cover, then follow this well-selected list for your essay. We believe it will help you in selecting the one you feel comfortable to tackle:

  • Describe the relationship between gods and men from the Odyssey and give your opinion on this case.
  • What is the character of Odysseus, and did he develop it through the story?
  • About the book, what is the role of a family?
  • Describe the relationship between father and son in the story.
  • How is the female character analyzed in the story, and what is her role?
  • Differentiate between Telemachus and Odysseus’s journey?
  • Which theme is portrayed from the story, and how does it influence the characters?
  • How is Odysseus described in the story?
  • How is hospitality represented from the Odyssey story, and how is it applied in real life?
  • People are categorized with fidelity in Odyssey, and what importance does it have to today’s life?
  • Who was Emmaus in the odyssey, and what is his relevance in real life?
  • What is the self-identification theme, and how did Homer address it?
  • What is the architecture and landscape metaphors symbolize?
  • What was the nature of the civilized society in the odyssey compared to the uncivilized one?
  • Does the foreboding dark mist narration signify cultural chauvinist?
  • Explain in your essay how the relationship between Odysseus and Athena evolved?
  • Does the portrayal of Greek women to the maids lead to their death?
  • What ritual in the republic is articulated regarding the souls, explain in your essay?
  • How is Homer involved with witchcraft in his journey?
  • Concerning fate and providence, explain in your essay how is Homer relates to Daniel and Robinson?
  • Give a preview in your essay of the underworld, as described in the book.
  • How do the theme of violence and its role in the Odyssey apply in real life?
  • Discuss in your essay how the book observes gender.
  • What is the purpose of God in human life in the story?
  • Explain in the essay, the relationship between guest and host, as described by Homer.
  • Study the theme of death from this literature of the Odyssey.
  • Explain birds and prey, as presented in the Odyssey.
  • What are the requirements of Aeneid of Virgil to help in changing this Homeric epic?
  • How is karma described in the Odyssey story?
  • Explain how Odyssey is described as the oldest in the archaic manner of human discourse.
  • Describe the body language where both Homer and Sophocles avoid defining men by their characters?
  • Focus on the theme of humanity in your essay from this story.
  • How does the character of Telemachus apply to the real-life world?
  • Discuss lessons that are gotten from the Odyssey poem.
  • What is the symbolic use of food in the Odyssey?

Odyssey Essay Ideas for Your Writing

We believe we have helped you at least halfway. Here are 10 ideas that will show that you clearly understand the book:

  • Explain in the essay the role of women and one of Penelope’s wife.
  • Elaborate on the Greek culture and themes, as explained by Homer from the Odyssey poem.
  • Differentiate the mortal and immortal characters as articulated in the book.
  • Analyze how Homer describes the representation of revenge in the Odyssey.
  • What can we learn from violence according to the poem?
  • Factor out cases that show Odysseus isn’t a true Hero.
  • Explain the challenges faced according to the Odyssey when it comes to decision-making.
  • What physiological trials does Odysseus encounter on his way back?
  • Explain in your essay the rise of Telemachus’ character.
  • Differentiate between these poems with other mythical stories.

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