101 Research Paper Topics

Susan Wilson, 5 January, 2019
Updated 20 November, 2020

As a college student, you may need to select research paper topics by yourself and write assignments from scratch. On one side, you can pick the topic that you like instead of covering a boring issue. On the other hand, choosing a topic may sometimes take more time than you could expect. It depends on the availability of sources, your preferences, themes discussed in class, and many other important factors.

In this post, you will find out how to select the best topics for your research project. The article also offers a list of great topic ideas from various categories. We will also give you a hint to order a custom solution to your writing assignment of any type.

How to Select the Best Research Paper Topic?

The first step to selecting a topic for your research project is to brainstorm all possible ideas related to your class. You should pick a topic of your interest and field of expertise. Several questions can help.

You should think whether you have a strong opinion of a current socio-political controversy. Watch the news carefully to find an idea that can pique your interest. The ideas that arouse such emotions as anger or anxiety could work.

Include the topics that you might want to explore in-depth and have a passion for. Perhaps, one of the problems has to do with your life, which is a good reason to study it closer. Finally, think about an aspect of your class that seems to be the most interesting to you.

One thing that can help you with brainstorming is the Internet as it is full of databases and archives that might be useful. For instance, those who study political science might find Washington File useful. The National Library of Medicine is full of brilliant ideas for students who need inspiration for their healthcare and medicine classes. The National Endowment for the Humanities is something you will find helpful if you study humanities (art, literature, music).

During the research and collection of sources, you should put down keywords to insert later in your study. It will help the reader to capture the main idea faster. Mind that such topics as gun control, pregnancy, or abortion are overused, so you should pick them only if you have original ideas.

General Information to Choose Top Ideas for Research Paper Topics

Highlight the top 3 ideas from your list and explore a general encyclopedia post to learn the general info. Read a broad summary first to narrow it down later. While observing such information, detect the terms that might be used in your work. Cross out the issues from your list if you can’t find the necessary information. We recommend studying such sources as the Encyclopedia Britannica or Wikipedia to get a general idea first, but do not cite or use them as your paper’s sources.

With the help of periodical indexes, you can check current magazines, newspapers, and journals to find data that may be helpful.

How to Focus on the Best Research Paper Topics

You should keep the topic manageable once you‘re done with its selection. To come up with the best title, narrow down the broad topic or make a rather narrow idea a bit extended. The best topic should not be locally confined, over popular, recent, or broadly interdisciplinary.

The best topic should also be flexible so that you can play with various facts and statistics that you find to defend your position.

You should also decide on the number of sources for your research project based on the assignment’s required length. If it’s a 2-page paper, 2-3 sources will be enough. For the 3-5 page paper, at least 4 sources would be okay. For the annotated bibliography, it is sufficient to observe 6-15 sources. Finally, the papers of 15 pages and longer should cite up to 20 different sources.

Outstanding Research Paper Topics on Medicine

Do you need some unique research paper ideas for your healthcare & medicine program? Now, let us introduce some of the top college research paper topics from different categories. You may find one of these useful:

  • Ways to cope with Alzheimer disease
  • Upcoming innovations in the field of healthcare
  • The origins and evolution of the medical tools used in surgery
  • Various approaches to treating pregnant women
  • The ethical issues of medical research on animals
  • How hormone replacement therapy works
  • Approaches to medical education in different countries around the world
  • The impact of technological advancements on the medical treatment
  • The consequences of near-death experience
  • The role of physical education in the life of an average teen
  • 3rd world healthcare system
  • The pros and cons of radiation therapy
  • Yanomami controversy
  • History and development of surgery
  • Medical tools and equipment used in surgery
  • Euthanasia: ethical or not?
  • The difference between Chinese and European medicine
  • Health practices in yoga
  • The meaning of body mass index
  • Medical anthropology

Now that a medical field is closely related to the field of psychology, you may find the next list useful as well.

Stunning Research Paper Topics on Psychology

Psychology is one of the best-paid industry today. It makes no wonder, so many students apply for this degree. Here are some great topics that can help with your research in psychology:

  • Profile a type of therapy (e.g., group therapy or individual therapy)
  • The causes & effects of eating disorders (anorexia nervosa and obesity in particular)
  • The primary symptoms of depression and how to handle it
  • Aspects of the aging process
  • Reasons for homophobia to exist
  • The causes and effects of sexism (gender inequality)
  • High rates of teen suicide
  • Social control and cults
  • When non-verbal communication can be useful
  • The difference between attraction and true love
  • How to get rid of the obsession
  • Preventive measures against racism in high schools
  • Persuasion, propaganda, and marketing nowadays
  • The most harrowing learning difficulties
  • Adjusting to physical illness
  • The role of violence in social psychology
  • Speech disorders and cognitive development
  • The impact of judgments in a decision-making capacity
  • Can asexuality be called another sexual orientation?
  • Reducing bulimia in young adolescents

Top-Recommended Research Paper Topics on Education

Students who would like to become professors of the prestigious colleges or universities have to write many research papers in education and various teaching techniques. Here are the most exciting good research paper topics from the category of education:

  • Effective prevention measures against school bullying
  • The effectiveness/accuracy of the standardized school tests and exams
  • The role of social networking in the life of modern students
  • Stressful situations and depressions caused by overwhelming study schedules
  • Causes & effects of homeschooling
  • Corporal punishment measurements
  • Drug testing in colleges
  • The necessity of dress codes in public and private schools
  • Having separate classes for disabled children: pros & cons
  • The influence of parents and teachers cooperation on the studying process
  • Multicultural education: the basic principles
  • Hispanic education in the United States
  • Professional development of an average teacher
  • Features of the good high school principal
  • Various ways to assess a student’s knowledge and skills
  • Classes recently introduced in the high school system
  • Response to Intervention: explaining RTI
  • How to raise grade-point average (GPA)
  • Purposes of various homework assignments
  • The effectiveness of writing academic essays

It is the easiest category as you can simply think about what’s going on in your educational institution and share it with others.

Research Paper Topics on Business for MBA Students

MBA is a unique opportunity for young people to master the art of business, management, and marketing. These areas help to earn plenty of money. Thus, if you prefer business studies, here is some inspiration for your classes:

  • How to achieve the concept of free market
  • Differences and similarities between franchises and start-ups
  • The impact of government on the development of young businesses
  • Can the family business destroy a family?
  • Corporate culture and special rituals on the example of the car industry
  • How to calculate the minimum wage in the country
  • The relation between business and charity organizations
  • The importance of free staff training
  • The best business troubleshooting cases
  • Burnout and stress at work, and the influences on the working process
  • The most well-paid jobs of today
  • The role of a higher education degree in a job application
  • Passing a job interview successfully.
  • Pros and cons of mergers and acquisitions
  • Female leaders in business
  • Japanese economic wonder: concept and results
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Using child labor: a modern outlook
  • Corporate corruption and data licking
  • Saving private information of customers

Research Paper Topics on Religion

Religion is closely interconnected with anthropology, political science, history, cultural studies, humanities, and other subjects. Religion is a serious power, so it makes sense to study this subject carefully.

  • How do contemporary people implement religious practices?
  • Discussing the meaning of soul in various religions
  • The myths of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome: differences and similarities
  • The history and development of Hinduism
  • Religious counseling vs. classical psychology and philosophy
  • Psychology of an atheist
  • Christianity as the most wide-spread religion in the world
  • Separation of church and state
  • The way religion impacts the political situation.
  • Approaches to preaching in various religions
  • Laws to protect religious beliefs
  • Suicide in different religions
  • What are the unforgivable sins in Christianity, and why?
  • Is there one universal God?
  • Satanic ritual abuse: myths and reality
  • Gender discrimination in some Eastern religions
  • Features that make the Bible a fiction literature
  • Jesus Christ as a historical figure
  • The relation between religion and terrorism
  • The importance of studying religious studies
  • Should all religions unanimously all interfaith marriages?

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