100+ Synthesis Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 28 May, 2019
Updated 29 October, 2023

At WriteOnDeadline, we are often faced with questions about what makes a great essay topic, especially for the synthesis essay. Understanding what synthesis essays are and how to choose a topic for them is crucial for academic success. Let’s dive in!

What is a Synthesis Essay?

A synthesis essay is a type of written discussion that builds on one or multiple sources. It requires students to present a new perspective or argument by combining information from various sources. It’s not merely summarizing these sources but rather combining them to create a unified stance, theory, or argument about a topic.

Choosing the Perfect Synthesis Essay Topic: A Quick Guide

When selecting a synthesis essay topic, you should ensure it’s debatable and backed by multiple sources. Here’s a brief guide:

  1. Relevance: Ensure your topic aligns with your curriculum or interests.
  2. Availability of Sources: There should be multiple viewpoints available for your topic.
  3. Complexity: Avoid overly simple topics. Synthesis essays thrive on complexity.
  4. Personal Interest: If you’re passionate about the subject, your essay will reflect that enthusiasm.

Inspiring Synthesis Essay Topics Lists

Technology and Society

  • The impact of social media on mental health.
  • Augmented Reality: The future or just a fad?
  • The role of artificial intelligence in reshaping job markets.

Environment and Humanity

  • Climate change and its link to industrialization.
  • The future of sustainable energy solutions.
  • Wildlife conservation vs. developmental projects: Finding middle ground.

Education in the 21st Century

  • Traditional classrooms vs. online learning: What’s more effective?
  • The role of standardized testing in determining intelligence.
  • Does college education guarantee success in today’s world?

Cultural and Social Shifts

  • The effects of globalization on cultural identity.
  • Feminism in the 21st century: Progress and challenges.
  • The influence of popular culture on youth behavior.

Health and Medicine

  • The ethical considerations of genetic editing.
  • Modern diets and their impact on long-term health.
  • Are mental health concerns on the rise, or are we just more aware?

Politics and Governance

  • The implications of mass surveillance on privacy and freedom.
  • Democracy vs. authoritarianism: What suits the modern world?
  • The role of the media in shaping public opinion.

Economics and Development

  • The true cost of fast fashion on global economies.
  • Cryptocurrencies: The future of financial transactions?
  • The impact of multinational corporations on local businesses.

Global Challenges and Solutions

  • The role of international cooperation in solving climate change.
  • Addressing global water scarcity: What can we learn from past efforts?
  • Tackling world hunger through sustainable farming.

Digital Era and Personal Relations

  • How dating apps have changed our perception of romance.
  • The correlation between digital connectivity and loneliness.
  • Screen addiction: Myth or reality?

Science and Ethics

  • The morality of animal testing in medical research.
  • The future of human cloning: Possibilities and ethical dilemmas.
  • CRISPR and genetic modifications: Utopia or dystopia?

Arts, Music, and Society

  • How modern music reflects societal changes.
  • The impact of streaming platforms on the music industry.
  • Does modern art still have the power to shock and inspire?

Travel and Globalization

  • The effects of mass tourism on local cultures.
  • Is globalization making our world homogeneous?
  • The pros and cons of space tourism.

Youth and Modern Challenges

  • The implications of the gig economy for young workers.
  • Social media influencers: A force for good or bad?
  • The rising importance and stress of personal branding for today’s youth.

History in Modern Context

  • How historical events have shaped our current geopolitical climate.
  • The long-term impacts of colonialism on today’s global societies.
  • Drawing parallels between past pandemics and COVID-19.

Gender and Society

  • The evolving definitions of masculinity and femininity.
  • Transgender rights in various global contexts.
  • The impact of the #MeToo movement on workplaces.

Mental Health and Modernity

  • The correlation between urban living and mental health issues.
  • Traditional vs. modern methods of mental health treatment.
  • The societal stigma associated with mental health.

Sports, Health, and Culture

  • The implications of technology on sports performance.
  • Examining the true impact of sports on national identity.
  • The balance between health, body image, and cultural standards.

Innovations and Future Predictions

  • The potential of renewable energy to reshape economies.
  • The societal impact of fully autonomous vehicles.
  • The future of human-robot relationships.

Literature and Modern Interpretations

  • How classic literature is reinterpreted in modern contexts.
  • Dystopian novels: Predictions or mere fiction?
  • The representation of minority voices in contemporary literature.

Consumerism and Society

  • Fast fashion and its implications on sustainability.
  • The rise of conscious consumerism: A trend or here to stay?
  • The societal impact of advertisement-driven consumer behavior.

Space Exploration and Its Implications

  • Mars colonization: A future home for humans or a pipe dream?
  • The role of private enterprises in pushing space boundaries.
  • Analyzing the implications of space debris on future missions.

Healthcare and Modern Technology

  • Telemedicine: Is it the future of healthcare?
  • The role of AI in diagnosing and treating diseases.
  • Ethical implications of data sharing in medical research.

Urban Development and Sustainability

  • Vertical farming and its potential impact on urban food security.
  • The balance between urbanization and green spaces.
  • Smart cities: Improving lives or increasing surveillance?

Media, Censorship, and Democracy

  • The role of social media platforms in shaping political discourse.
  • The implications of “fake news” on democracies worldwide.
  • Is censorship ever justifiable in the digital age?

Migration and Globalization

  • The impact of global migrations on local economies.
  • The challenges and benefits of multicultural societies.
  • Examining the root causes of global refugee crises.

Food, Culture, and Ethics

  • Veganism and its environmental and ethical implications.
  • The cultural significance and controversies surrounding halal and kosher foods.
  • GMOs: Addressing global hunger or corporate greed?

Nature, Humans, and Boundaries

  • The synthesis of human-made materials with nature (e.g., bio-plastics).
  • Re-wilding projects: A return to nature or a human construct?
  • The potential for co-existence between humans and apex predators in modern landscapes.

The Digital Divide and Social Implications

  • Bridging the technological gap: Rural vs. urban access.
  • The implications of digital illiteracy in a connected age.
  • Social consequences of the growing digital divide during global events like pandemics.

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