50 Reflective Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 28 May, 2019
Updated 11 January, 2021

Reflective writing is a creative activity. A student should not waste hours on research and analysis of the sources. There is no need to insert citations and reference them (unless an author wants to quote someone, and the quote is relevant). When assigning reflective assignments, teachers are interested in the student’s personal experience rather than an expert view on a problem. They wish to learn more about their students as well as help them develop creative writing skills.

Sharing an experience is way easier than writing about something you personally did not face. However, there are times when students still have to deal with a writer’s block when working on reflective papers. One of the primary obstacles is choosing the subject to discuss. That is why we decided to share interesting reflective paper topics, questions, and ideas with young writers. You may come up with an original theme based on what we offer.

How to Select the Best Reflective Essay Topic? A Few Tips

In fact, selecting a theme to discuss in a reflective essay is very easy. All you have to do is think about some moments from your life that you wish to share with others. There is no need to research any sources – it’s all in your head. Recall your memories and think about what might be interesting to your reader. We can help you by providing various examples of what people usually cover in reflective writing.

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Check out the List of Reflective Essay Topics

A topic stands for a matter dealt with in a text or conversation. It can also be defined as a subject. If you choose to work on a specific topic, narrow it down so that the recommended word count is enough for you. Focus on one or two aspects of the topic instead of trying to cover all of them. For reflective writing, we recommend one of these subjects:

  • A dramatic reunion of my family
  • The consequences of lies in a marriage
  • A time in my life when I felt most embarrassed
  • The toughest challenge in a relationship
  • Cases when your parents punished you for nothing
  • How I helped someone in need
  • Reasons why we can wish to have something others have
  • Choosing between brother and sister
  • How I confronted the business owner and did not get fired
  • The worst vacation I have ever had
  • Last time when I was laughing out loud
  • Several things that made me cry in my life
  • Making castles of sand on the beach in summer
  • Walking past long dunes
  • One day when I went hiking with my friends
  • Swimming in the ocean in Portugal
  • My first trip to the sea
  • Flying on a plane for the first time in your life
  • Playing in the mud as a naughty child
  • Taking part in a football game for the first time
  • Visiting the Sahara Desert as a tourist
  • Kissing first love in the rain
  • Hunting with your dad and uncle
  • The most recent cooking experience
  • The bookstore I prefer for many reasons
  • My first part-time job and my responsibilities
  • Serving as an intern in a hospital
  • The place where my dad proposed to my mom
  • The place in my town that holds precious memories
  • A visit to the Olympic Games
  • The most memorable music gig I’ve ever attended
  • Watching “Harry Potter” at the cinema
  • Reading “The Great Gatsby” from cover to cover
  • My last visit to the circus
  • The most dangerous locations I have ever visited
  • Playing soccer with pals at the community playground
  • Working in the office vs. working in a garage
  • My least favorite high school subject
  • Challenges that I faced being a college freshman
  • Things that I have learned during my time in college
  • The time I have faced high school bullying myself
  • High school prom and how I became the queen
  • The most successful part of academic life
  • How I entered college thanks to the stunning essay
  • Starting a brand-new career in another town
  • The day when I stood up for the rights of racial minorities
  • The way my family and I celebrate Christmas in the US
  • Doing ordinary things like laundry or cleaning up
  • Receiving an unexpected gift from a stranger on St. Valentine’s
  • Getting lost in the dark woods

10 Exciting Reflective Essay Questions

You may have to answer your teacher’s specific questions instead of covering a particular topic in some cases. The difference is you will have to focus on finding a solution to a single problem rather than trying to discuss various aspects of the issue. In conclusion, you will have to provide your reader with one clear response. Here are some questions you may choose if you have a right to write about whatever you want:

  • How do I see the difference between being engaged and getting married?
  • What does it feel like shifting to a new place of living?
  • Why did I get victimized for my religion one day?
  • How did I manage to survive without water and electricity for almost a week?
  • What was the best birthday party I’ve ever attended?
  • Which of your visits was a better experience: a zoo or a museum?
  • How did I learn to perform in front of the public in college?
  • Have you ever failed terribly in your tests or examinations?
  • What is the impact of social media on my behavior as a student?
  • How did mobile device help me to survive my college?

5 Great Reflective Essay Ideas

Are you looking for even more inspiration? We have prepared some ideas to help you get inspired. Here is what you can also discuss in your reflective writing:

  • Think about the process of dropping out. Are students making the right decision? Explain the cases when it might be for the better.
  • List various possible childhood vacation spots. Discuss whether all of them are equally safe and worth visiting.
  • Think about the different things that you’ve done in your life. Look back and decide whether you regret about some of them or not.
  • Describe what you felt during your parents’ divorce or your own (for college or university students). Share your opinion on times when people should break up instead of trying to find a compromise.
  • Write about something that has really scared you. You may compare things that made you scared when you were a little kid to things that scare you off now.

These topics, questions, and ideas will give you a clue. Anyway, do not forget to include vivid examples in your papers to prove that you experienced those things. If you need help with your reflective essay, you may count on the team of experts from our academic essay writing service. We are waiting for your queries and orders round-the-clock!

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