75 Analytical Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 26 May, 2019
Updated 11 January, 2021

Analytical essay topics often cover any area of life. When executing a class assignment, you will be supplied with a topic to discuss. Sometimes, the topic may sound vague or complex, but your role is to analyze every angle of the topic and come up with concrete evidence to support your claims. Eventually, every other aspect of the paper must be related to the topic and expand its meaningfulness.

How to Select the Best Analytical Essay Topic? Tips to Get You Started

Choosing a topic is the primary step in writing an analytical essay. The criteria diacetates that a topic should be engaging and easy to discuss. Use these tips to select a topic

  • Always define your objectives ahead of choosing a topic
  • Have a clear purpose for writing
  • Go for a topic you are interested in discussing
  • Analyze the topic carefully before writing anything
  • Gather enough material related to the topic
  • Avoid too complex topics unless directed by your instructor

The choice of a topic directly affects the paper quality based on the nature and strength of evidence.

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List of Analytical Essay Topics: Enjoy Veracity

Finding a topic may seem difficult at first, especially when one is new to this assignment’s nature. However, we have prepared 75 topics for you to select.

Analytical Essay Topics on Society

  • Gender inequality in society
  • Analyze issues contributing to homelessness and street families
  • Pros and cons of video games among teenagers
  • The reason behind the increasing rate of drug addiction among the youth
  • Unemployment is rampant, especially among female youth
  • Barriers to communication between the young and the old
  • Discuss the pros and cons of gender roles classification
  • Discuss ways of striking a balance between busy work and family life
  • Teenage pregnancy and the effect on their education
  • Role of graffiti in influencing youth attitudes
  • Effects of single parenting on the life of the child
  • Euthanasia: how it affects the physical and psychological wellbeing of the family
  • Effect of body size perceptions on the psychological wellbeing of students

Analytical Essay Topics on Personality

  • Relationship between upbringing and personality
  • Poor upbringing triggers personality disorders
  • Teen addictions and their personality
  • Different family models influence a person’s personality
  • Causes and consequences of gambling on personality disorders
  • Influence of peer pressure on teenagers
  • Teachers play significant roles in the personality of a child
  • Some teenagers are less likely to fall, victims of peer pressure,
  • Community norms and practices on the personality of a youth

Analytical Essay Topics on Literature

  • Evaluate the overall mood in the story
  • Analyze the main character of the book
  • Analyze the significance of the work in contemporary society
  • Analyze the author’s main idea
  • Analyze the book’s historical context
  • Evaluate the evidence provided in the second chapter
  • Evaluate the significance of the message to the reader
  • Analyze the importance of the evidence in this book to art
  • Analyze all key events highlighted in the book
  • Analyze how the author’s background influenced their choice of analogies
  • Evaluate the theme in the book

Analytical Essay Topics on Education

  • Tendencies of bullying in school
  • Significance of the school uniform
  • Effects of poor neighborhoods on the school funding
  • Significance of integrating life skills in the school curriculum
  • Impact of negative teacher perception on the student
  • Ways of encouraging reading culture among students
  • Significance of tests in school
  • Measures necessary to improve school performances
  • Importance of school – community relationship
  • Significance of art in education
  • Role of college in shaping professionalism
  • Importance of communication skills as a tool for education
  • The college tuition fee should be canceled

Analytical Essay Topics on Nature

  • Effects of pollution on the ecological balance
  • Pros and cons of using animals as test subjects
  • Role of plants and trees in the ecosystem
  • Animals have senses and can be trained
  • Useful microbes and their role in the ecosystem
  • Therapeutic importance of nature
  • Long term effects of human activities on the aquatic life

Analytical Essay Topics on Health

  • Effects of private hospitals on the quality of care in public hospitals
  • Insurance has more cons than pros
  • Health practitioners influence the quality of health in hospitals
  • Effect of art on therapy
  • Inefficiencies in health coverage
  • Effects of cheap generic drugs
  • Government focus on the patient vs. insurance
  • Effect of family instability on children health and development

Analytical Essay Topics on Equality

  • Disadvantages associated with district zoning
  • Poor neighborhoods and crime
  • Relationship between poverty and community crime
  • Inequality requires more than government policy
  • Effect of inequality in economic distribution
  • The poor should not pay taxes
  • Schools are the epicenter of society inequality
  • Immigrants should be treated as natives
  • Effect of inequality on wealth distribution
  • Socio-political ways of fighting inequality in society

Analytical Essay Topics on Internet and Social Networks

  • Cyberbullying is a component of bullying in schools
  • Social media influences youth behavior and personality
  • Discuss ways of permanently eliminating cyberbullying
  • Social media addiction is rampant among the youth

With these topics in mind, you are free to proceed and define a thesis that best suits your topic of interest. Having different options enables the student to weigh their options before writing a paper.

Analytical Essay Questions: Professionally Designed Triggers

Essay questions are meant to trigger action from the student. Once a question is posed, the answer should seek to expand on the question’s components while providing supporting evidence. Here are the questions for your future essays.

  • How do family relationships influence the onset of crime among children?
  • Is gang-related violence real?
  • How can teenagers cope with peer pressure?
  • Does district zoning influence the economic conditions of a given community?
  • Is the use of animals for drug testing and lab experiments justifiable?
  • Should the education system be restructured to include more art and fewer assignments?
  • What is the significance of the message derived from political campaigns?
  • Should retired veterans be accorded better treatment than other citizens?
  • Should immigrants be accorded the same treatment as the citizens of a country?
  • Is terrorism a global challenge?

Questions help guide any write-up. More importantly, it guides the writer in sticking to the premise of the discussion and avoiding inconsistencies in the course of the assignment.

Analytical Essay Ideas: Embrace Expert Level Advice in Your Assignments

Having a topic of interest may prove challenging. Students need ideas to kick start their thinking process before embarking on the writing. Here are ideas to guide you.

  • The doping menace in sporting. Analyze why top athletes are getting more involved in the vice.
  • Hip-Hop culture is getting rampant among the youth. Analyze how youths are getting more ideas and personality traits from contemporary artists.
  • Gender roles and differentiation. Analyze why gender roles are getting more rooted despite efforts to eliminate gender disparities.
  • Household income variations on quality of life. Discuss how an increase or decrease in cumulative family income affects the quality of a child’s life.
  • Graffiti and street culture. Why are the rampant trends getting more praise among the youth?

With these ideas and many others, students can brainstorm the kind of topics to choose and further the scope of their discussion.

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