75 Critical Analysis Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 26 May, 2019
Updated 11 January, 2021

Writing an essay can be a tough nut to crack for college students. Course professors regularly assign student assignments to test their writing skills and comprehension of certain complex topic questions. If the teacher selects a topic for you, it may leave you discontented because the subject could be dreary and problematic. You will simply be demotivated.

Nonetheless, when you’re allowed to pick your own topic, you end up being more unsatisfied. Why is that? Because you have to select a topic that interests you from a wide range of topics. Even if you actually succeed in choosing the topic, it may not certainly be easy to write about or even satisfy you. This means that having the knowledge to select essay topics is very decisive in accomplishing your assignment. So, how can you choose a good essay topic? If you have difficulties in picking an interesting subject, you can engage expert writers through online writing services that offer essay topics, essay questions, and excellent essay ideas.

How to Select the Best Critical Analysis Essay Topic?

Always choose an exciting topic within your field of study. Something that you always think about. A subject that will inspire you to write. If you can’t find anything thought-provoking, settle for a subject that seems fascinating than other possible options. If you need decent essay topics, the steps to guide you to select your topic are easy. First, examine the topic you have picked. This will help you to know whether the subject is wide or narrow. The assessment will show that the broad topic doesn’t offer precise facts on what you intend to write about. For instance, “Water Bodies on Earth” is a pervasive topic since it’s uncertain whether you should focus on all the water bodies on the whole planet Earth or if you need to write about oceans. A narrower should topic give you a hint of what to write about. For instance, “Oceans as a Source of Water for Human Consumption” is very specific.

Ensure that you can get relevant information from credible sources. If you can’t get materials to support your essay, it will difficult to write your topic even though it’s narrow. Remember, don’t choose topics out of curiosity or thrill. The more unfamiliar the subject is, the more problematic it will be to get materials and write. If you want to get excellent essay ideas, you can seek assistance from skillful writing service providers who are well-qualified to tackle your academic papers for you.

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A List of Critical Analysis Essay Topics for Students

A critical analysis essay is a type of academic paper that examines and assesses texts from books, reports, or other essays. Here are essay topics, categorized under different themes like sports, nature, society, literature, and people. The topics will help you to develop great essay ideas further. You should keep in mind the structure of an analysis essay as you write; introduction, body, and conclusion.

Essay Topics on People

  • Why do human beings have dissimilar hair pigment?
  • Why do people have fears in life?
  • Why are teens so defiant?
  • What is so special about human beings?
  • Why do people have diverse preferences in food, music, or fashion?
  • Why do people fall in love?
  • Why causes hate?
  • Why do last-born children snitch?
  • Why are first-born children responsible?
  • Why do people smoke?
  • Why do people drink alcohol?
  • Why are some people selfish?
  • Why do teenagers love dancing?
  • Why do people engage in sports?
  • Why are men and women different?

Topics about Movies and TV

  • What makes ‘The Avengers’ a good movie?
  • What makes ‘Game of Thrones’ boring?
  • What is the difference between the Hobbit movie and the book?
  • Evaluate Sherlock Holmes
  • What is the importance of a cooking show?
  • How do movies impact on teenagers?
  • What are the benefits of watching a TV?
  • Which is your best movie between Spiderman and Superman?
  • Which is the best comedy movie you’ve watched so far?
  • Name your best action movie
  • Examine the turn-off in Breaking Bird
  • Why is Game of Throne a popular TV series?
  • Who is your best movie character in the Avengers, End Game?
  • What did you like about Gotham?
  • What fascinated you about the X-Men?

Topics on Society

  • Examine why top athletes use drugs.
  • Why is art so popular today?
  • Examine the concept of a multicultural society.
  • How does a person’s body size affect his/her life?
  • Do you believe in gender equality?
  • Why are gender roles shifting?
  • Does being a single parent affect a child’s development?
  • Why do men and women differ when it comes to communication?
  • Can you balance your family life and career?
  • Name 3 key cultural dominance aspects in society.
  • Does music help in relaxation?
  • Evaluate 3 innovations that have changed society
  • How does social media influence people’s lives?
  • How do parents influence the life of their child?
  • How do adults impact on children?

Essay Topics on Nature

  • Is nature therapeutic?
  • Why do lions hunt as a pride?
  • Why are pets good for children?
  • Can you keep a dog? Why?
  • Why are insects attracted to light?
  • Why are kittens playful?
  • Why are some dogs trainable?
  • Why do people poach? How can poaching be stopped?
  • Why are dogs loyal?
  • Can you tame a lion?
  • How do people benefit from trees?
  • Why are forests important to animals?
  • Why are snakes so slippery?
  • Why is the queen bee important in a colony?
  • Why are anthills there?

Essay Topics on Sports

  • How can doping be stopped in the Olympics?
  • What is the role of FIFA in world football?
  • Examine the importance of Cybersport
  • Racism in Sports: How common is it?
  • Sportsmen Salaries: Are they lucrative?
  • Rugby World Cup
  • Sports Corruption: Can it be stopped?
  • How Students Benefit from College Basketball
  • Sports on the Internet and How it Influences Children
  • Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr.
  • Football World cup
  • The Greatest Marathoner in the World Today
  • Champions League Football
  • The NFL championships
  • NBA Championship

If you have your topic already, professional essay writers online are ready to assist you by writing top-quality custom essays for you.

The Best Critical Analysis Essay Questions

A critical essay evaluates and summarizes an argument, social, political, or economic aspect. You can also write about historical events, movies, books, or journal. Here are some questions that you can explore:

Essay Questions for Students

  • Can someone become a literature author?
  • How has technology renovated cars?
  • How have robots been integrated into human lives?
  • What is the role of plants in the environment?
  • What were the key features of the American Revolution?
  • Name Seven Wonders of the World?
  • What is the use of similes in poems?
  • How were parables used in the literature?
  • What are the benefits of eating healthy?
  • What are the benefits of social media today?

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Get Excellent Critical Analysis Essay Ideas

Students need to select and write interesting essays if they are to attain the highest grades. This is not always easy because there are numerous disciplines with fundamental concepts. If you want to learn about essay ideas that can make your work credible and persuasive, have a look at these topics:

  • Artistic originality. Evaluating the unique aspects of identifying with our ethnic background. Is having a single racial identity important? Why is racism so rampant in the worlds today?
  • Sport on TV. Examine the commercialization of sports and the salaries paid to sports personalities
  • Modeling about body size. Discuss the topic by giving views for and against obese models
  • Equality of men and women and then changing gender roles. Have the roles really changed? How are they still similar?
  • Describe the climax of a work of literature, such as a novel.

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