50 Definition Essay Topics

Susan Wilson, 26 May, 2019
Updated 11 January, 2021

The main premise of a definition essay is giving in-depth analysis and explanations of a term. It not only gives the meaning of a word under consideration but broadens its meaning and derives what the reader didn’t know. However, getting started requires that you have a topic, which acts as an anchor to hold all parts of the text together. Thus, when expanding on different sections, including formal definitions of the term, you have to tie them to the topic.

Here Is Guidance On How To Select The Best Definition Essay Topic?

The topic of an essay is vital in directing the type of research you will carry out. As such, getting a suitable topic transcends various aspects of your discussion. There are different criteria you can use in identifying a focus for your definition essay. They include:

  • The function of terms. It entails getting explanations on the meaning of a term and its application.
  • Structure of the terms. You can choose a topic based on how the term is organized.
  • Word analysis. Use similarities and differences of a term and its implications.
  • Rely on term stereotypes. If a term is characterized by different stereotypes that are not true, you can rely on these false definitions to create your topic.

Using any of these criteria, you can select a topic from the ones we have provided for you. Essentially, it is of paramount importance that you get a topic you can comfortably handle.

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Comprehensive List of Definition Essay Topics

From time to time, you will have to complete a definition essay as required by your instructor. The first thing that will jump into your mind is the topic of your essay. Luckily, we have provided you a list of 50 topics to sample.

College Related Topics for Definition Essays

The college has diverse environments and aspects that can trigger ideas for a definition essay. Further, the lessons and activities are great sources of ideas. Here are some of the topics:

  • Second language
  • College degree
  • Relationships
  • Success
  • Attitudes
  • Project management
  • Government
  • Technical sciences
  • Applied science
  • Engineering

Topics on Politics and History for Your Definition Essays

Both present and past historical events in politics serve as ideas for deriving topics for definition essays. Getting information from materials and brainstorming the events that have happened recently or before is a great start in learning different governments’ strengths and failures. Check out the topics from history:

History shapes our perceptions of the government and influences positive mindsets for the future.

Topics on Economics and Commerce to Help You Write a Definition Essay

Different economic systems have emerged over the recent past. Countries are now experiencing a shift in the sources of income by its citizens. On the other hand, new entrepreneurs are emerging and taking the lead as the newest world richest persons. Here are ideas for your definition essay topic:

  • Financial Investment
  • Stock exchange
  • Manufacturing
  • Economic depression
  • Accounting
  • Business management
  • Wall Street
  • Business ethics
  • Demand and supply
  • Salaries

Understanding these shifts in economic systems and its effects is vital in informing ourselves and defining the real state of world economies.

Topics on Religion and Society for Your Definition Essays

The present-day society comprises of different religions and beliefs that draw people closer to their supernatural being. The best way to understand society is through discussing it in both classroom settings and general discussions. Some of the topics on religion include:

  • Islam
  • Christianity
  • The Holy Scriptures
  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism
  • Priesthood
  • Sainthood
  • The pope
  • Crucifixion
  • City of Mecca
  • Ten Commandments

Topics on Science and Technology

Technological changes and developments are now part and parcel of our lives. Every aspect of our living is getting influenced by technology in one way or another. There is an emergence of new devices that foster scientific research and increase the rate of accuracy in experiments. These new developments are rich sources of ideas for topics to write your definition essays. Here are examples to get you started:

  • Mobile devices
  • E-Commerce
  • Programmable devices
  • Microchips
  • Operating systems
  • Smartphones
  • The internet
  • E-Mailing
  • E-learning
  • Big data

These are topics you can explore in your discussion. Having this pool of options is good for enhancing the quality of your final paper. Go through them and identify at least one in each section.

Ten Definition Essay Questions for Your Assignment Needs

Questions are great ways of getting started in any discussion. In definition essays, they foster creativity and enhance the flow of ideas in your discussion. Here are sample questions for you:

  • How do foreign languages affect our lives?
  • What role does a college degree play in the student’s life?
  • Does maturity come with age?
  • Why is time management an important factor in college life?
  • Is laziness a bad or a good trait?
  • Who can be called a hero today?
  • What is the impact of modern art on society?
  • What is the significance of claiming political correctness?
  • Is the death penalty humane or not?
  • How does patriotism influence the life of a citizen?

These are questions to help you in defining your topic and generating ideas for your essay. Keep in mind that a good essay requires dedication and time.

Five Definition Essay Ideas for Deriving Your Topics

Writing an excellent definition essay paper requires a substantial amount of research and creativity. You should strive to get a suitable topic and invest your time in quality research on the topic.

  • Essays on high school life
  • Essay ideas on family and relationships
  • Essay ideas on governance
  • Ideas on sports and leisure
  • Ideas on music and poetry

These ideas are merely to provide you with a wide scope of possible areas where you can derive your topics. Use them to write top-notch papers.

A myriad of factors will determine the success of your paper. Getting a topic in itself does not guarantee a great paper. Thus, you should have both good ideas and focus on your target audience’s areas of interest. Make your paper interesting for the readers through coherent sentences between your paragraphs using logical transition words. Remember, we are always here to help with definition essay whenever you need us. You can rely on us!

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