How to Write an Analytical Essay: Full Guide

5 January 2019

Writing an analytical essay is a pretty daunting task, especially for those students who have never done it before. Such type of essay develops both research and critical thinking skills. That is why you will…

How to Write a Philosophy Essay Step by Step

5 January 2019

There are several reasons why students often underperform when it comes to writing philosophy papers. Some assume this to be an exercise in literary self-expression, thereby ending up with vague and lightweight presentations. Others take…

A Comprehensive Antigone Essay Topics and Questions

5 January 2019

For the students studying Antigone, you are likely to find it interesting or boring depending on the genres of plays that intrigue you. The book addresses important issues on human nature and how people relate…

How to Write a Synthesis Essay: The Informative Guidelines

5 January 2019

Students today are faced with many academic challenges, most of which are related to writing assignments. An excellent example of a writing task that poses the most problems for students is writing a synthesis on…

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